CorDEX Names Transcat(R) U.S. Distributor for Ground-Breaking Explosion-Proof Laser Distance Meter

By Cordex Instruments, PRNE
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SEATTLE, February 23, 2011 - CorDEX Instruments, a certified manufacturer of explosion-proof
equipment, has selected Rochester, NY-based equipment supplier Transcat(R) as
the U.S. distributor for its first-ever explosion-proof laser distance meter,
the LaserMETER 3000XP.

CorDEX Instruments selected Transcat because of the company's 40-year
history of expertise with high-quality tools and its commitment to customer
service, said Marcus Halliday, CorDEX Instruments General Manager.

Transcat is a global distributor of professional-grade handheld test and
measurement instruments and an accredited provider of calibration and repair
services primarily for petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, energy and
utilities, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical and FDA-regulated

"Today's instrument buyers are careful," said John Hennessy, VP of Sales
& Marketing for Transcat. "In our industries, they're looking for tools that
will help them work more efficiently or that offer unique functionality.
That's where the CorDEX LaserMETER 3000XP comes in. Once people realize what
this meter can do, they're going to hunt for one. And now, I'm proud to say,
it's available from Transcat."

About the CorDEX LaserMETER 3000XP

The LaserMETER 3000XP is specifically designed for use in hazardous
and/or explosive environments such as oil and gas operations, chemical
processing and similar industries. It is the only CSA-certified handheld
laser distance meter today. Additional certifications include ATEX and IECEx
Zone 1 IIC T4.

This revolutionary hand-held measuring device is the first
explosion-proof tool capable of measuring distances of up to 100 feet with an
accuracy of 1/8 Inch. It comes packed with features such as Pythagoras, area
and volume calculations, making it the perfect tool for engineers, safety
managers and professional inspectors working in potentially dangerous
environments in oil, gas, petrochemical and related sectors.

Expertly built to last, with rugged, industrial-grade construction, the
LaserMETER 3000XP withstands harsh environments, accidental falls and knocks.
It is easy to use, with simple operating functions for workers wearing
protective gloves and clothing.

The LaserMETER 3000XP is available through Transcat for $1,049.
Additional accessories include extra batteries, charging stations and power

About CorDEX Instruments

CorDEX Instruments is a leading U.K. certified manufacturer of
high-quality hazardous (explosive) area equipment. ISO 9001:2008 certified,
the company's BS EN13980 registered manufacturing system ensures the utmost
quality and repeatability. All CORDEX products are designed and manufactured
for maximum reliability in process control, quality and safety applications
in energy and related industries. For more information, visit

About Transcat

Transcat, Inc. is a leading global distributor of professional grade
handheld test and measurement instruments and accredited provider of
calibration and repair services primarily for the pharmaceutical and
FDA-regulated, industrial manufacturing, energy and utilities, chemical
manufacturing, and other industries. Through its distribution products
segment, Transcat markets and distributes national and proprietary brand
instruments to nearly 14,000 global customers. The company offers access to
more than 25,000 test and measurement instruments. Transcat delivers precise,
reliable, fast calibration, parts inspection, production model engineering
and repair services across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico through
its 12 strategically located Calibration Centers of Excellence. Transcat's
calibration laboratories are ISO-9001:2000 registered and the scope of
accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 is believed to be one of the broadest in the
industry. For more information, visit

For more information, contact: Kate Anderson, U.S. Media Relations, CorDEX Instruments, kateanderson at, +1-360-610-3707

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