Thomas Cook Response to Which? Holiday Tour Operator Report

By Thomas Cook Airlines Uk Ltd, PRNE
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

PETERBOROUGH, England, January 6 - Ian Derbyshire, CEO Thomas Cook UK & Ireland said, "The Which? Holiday
report is in total contrast to the high levels of service that our customers
tell us about and that we pride ourselves on. From our own surveys, which
number more than 100 times more people than the Which? Survey, our customer
satisfaction scores have increased year on year, with 94 per cent of our
holidaymakers rating Thomas Cook as either excellent or good for their
holiday last summer.

"With almost nine out of ten holidaymakers rating our reps equally as
high, we find these results difficult to accept. Over 80 per cent of our
customers tell us that they will definitely or probably recommend a Thomas
holiday to friends or family, a figure that you would expect from the
company voted 'Britain's Favourite Package Holiday Company' by The Sun's
readers at the British Travel Awards, just one of many accolades in 2009 as
voted for by holidaymakers.

"We are extremely proud of the recognition that our teams in the UK and
resorts across the world continue to receive from giving millions of
holidaymakers great holidays time after time. As Which? themselves
acknowledge, tour operators have an important role to play in offering
affordable holidays to families, and we pride ourselves and our staff on
being the best."

About Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is the world's best-known name in travel, thanks to the
inspiration and dedication of a single man. Thomas Cook began his
international travel company in 1841, with a successful one-day rail
excursion at a shilling a head from Leicester to Loughborough on 5 July. From
these humble beginnings Thomas Cook launched a whole new kind of company -
devoted to helping Britons see the world.

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Richard W. Brown
June 7, 2010: 11:01 am

I would like to add to Thomas Cook’s woes by making mention of my first planned excursion with my new family some years ago. My wife and I only married a few years and both with inherited kids saved up for 2 years to afford a holiday to Halkadiki. Only one of us had experienced a holiday abroad at that time, and we booked via Thomas Cooks own high street agency. On the day we were to pay the balance we discovered that for 3 months the booking had been cancelled due to overbooking. We were distraught and angry. Not only that TC had the temerity to try and blame us for the problem and withheld out deposit for nearly 2 months ruining our summer completely. No apology! Since that time we have avoided TC like the plague.. but like a fool I once again took the bait and fell hook line and sinker for a £100 off a family holiday by collecting 7-Up vouchers. We found that we had to book through a special number via which of course we had an almost instant response! I gave them all the details and they booked the holiday after taking the deposit. I really thought I had done the right thing until I began to surf around and found that with early booking discounts etc I could have got my holiday even cheaper, but like a fool I realised that the special number was set up for idiots like me, because using it invalidated any other special offers. As a word of warning there are many TC telephone numbers 0906 0844 0871 etc and you may think yes! this is the one..but you are wrong… they will all lead to the same list of options and waiting is the name of the game. Getting to talk to the party you want is a nightmare. And I have even had the phone dunked on me while asking a perfectly legitimate question.
2 years ago I arranged my own holiday and found it so much easier than the package I booked this year. Flight/Hotel /Transfers went like a dream. This year has been nightmare.
To rub salt in the wound I had booked 2 week holiday to Cyprus when my daughter expressed a wish to join us for a week. No problem really except when I wanted to pay the bill, after all I had booked it, TC said NO! The lead passenger must pay! even though I had paid the deposit with my card. Sheee! I hope I don’t need the TC rep. while holidaying she/he will probably quote the data protection act me.

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