Timescape and Mediascape Enhance User Experience on Android, Says Sony Ericsson

By Sony Ericsson, PRNE
Monday, November 15, 2010

LONDON, November 16, 2010 - The innovative Android applications, Timescape and Mediascape, which can
be found on Sony Ericsson's Xperia(TM) range, improve the user experience,
according to the global Android phone

Timescape consolidates the information that a phone user receives on
their handset in real-time, enabling them to manage their communications
effortlessly. Populated from both local and online sources, such as SMS text
messages and social media updates respectively, the application allows them
to view all incoming content in a timely and organised manner. SMS, MSM,
emails and missed calls as well Facebook and Twitter notifications are
displayed in graphical form in chronological streams, blended together or
separately via type filters.

Available on all Xperia(TM) handsets, Timescape enhances mobile phone use
and makes it easier for people to keep track of all mobile and social
communication, whilst Mediascape aggregates different media content.
Mediascape gives users quick access to music, video and photographs and the
dedicated home screen is divided into local and online, enriching the media

On both applications, pressing the 'infinite button' on a piece of
content displays additional relevant information. For example, in Timescape
it can show all related locally stored and online information including
content from YouTube and in Mediascape it presents all the communication a
user has exchanged with that particular person in one view, from emails and
tweets to tagged photographs.

Sony Ericsson's Head of Digital and CRM, Ben Padley, said: "Mediascape
and Timescape are innovative applications that make organising and managing
every element of your mobile entertainment and communication simple,
convenient and fun. Interacting with both of these very visual Android
applications on handsets in the Sony Ericsson Xperia(TM) range makes keeping
in touch and accessing assorted media more straightforward and enjoyable for
every user."

Mediascape and Timescape, which blur the boundaries between online and
local content can be found on handsets in the Xperia(TM) range, including the
popular mini android
phone, the Xperia(TM) X10 mini.

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