Today Only: Veebeam HD Only $99 on Amazon

By Veebeam Corporation, PRNE
Sunday, April 3, 2011

Save $50 on Amazon Gold Box "Deal of The Day"

BURLINGAME, California, April 4, 2011 - For one day only, Veebeam HD, the easiest, most affordable way to stream
anything from your laptop to your HDTV, is available for just $99. The simple
to use home entertainment solution is featured as Amazon's Gold Box 'Deal of
The Day' with a cost saving of $50 off the everyday retail price

To celebrate, Veebeam is launching its own one-day 'Worldwide 99
campaign' and offering consumers a '99' local currency price on all Veebeam
HD units sold on Amazon in the US and Europe on April 4th 2011. Veebeam HD
will be available on for 99 GBP (VAT included) and on
and for 99 Euros (VAT included).

"It's an honor to be showcased on Amazon." said Patrick Cosson, VP
Marketing, Veebeam Corporation. "We're very excited that this fantastic
product is gaining additional visibility in the market. No single retailer
commands the same ability to build awareness in a single day as Amazon and
we're confident that consumers across the US and Europe will fall in love
with the Veebeam HD."

The Veebeam works by enabling wireless PC to TV streaming and offers
'best in class' video and audio performance. The easy to use, affordable
solution is regularly priced at $149 for the high definition version and $99
for the standard definition product.

Recent consumer postings on Amazon include:

    - "This product is terrific!" Erick K.Talerico, March 20, 2011
    - "Simply amazing!" Derek Tent, November 24, 2010
    - "So simple yet so versatile." Steve Crewkerne, December 20, 2010

For more in-depth reviews, visit the Veebeam HD page on

The promotion ends worldwide at 11:59pm EST on April 4th, 2011.

About Veebeam

Veebeam Corporation is dedicated to bringing Internet video content to
every TV. The company was created by the 2008 merger of Staccato
Communications (San Diego, CA) and Artimi (Cambridge, UK), and has offices in
Burlingame (CA) and Cambridge (UK). Veebeam Corporation is privately held and
venture backed. The Veebeam team includes industry veterans with vast
experience in bringing to market a wide array of consumer hardware -
including wired and wireless Internet connectivity and media products.

For additional information on Veebeam, please visit:

Availability and Regular Pricing:

Veebeam is available in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe from
the company's website (, Amazon (US/Canada/UK/France/Germany)
and select online retailers.

    - Veebeam SD MSRP: 99 USD, 99 GBP (VAT inc) & 109 EUR (VAT inc)
    - Veebeam HD MSRP: 149 USD, 139 GBP (VAT inc) & 149 EUR (VAT inc)

    Media Contacts
    Dan Gamble (US)
    Cordelia Meacher (UK)


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