WISeKey and Chris & Cris Sign an Agreement at MIT to Develop a Selective Social Network Associating Digital Identification With Luxury Items

By Wisekey Sa, PRNE
Sunday, April 3, 2011

GENEVA and BOSTON and MADRID, April 4, 2011 - WISeKey and Chris & Cris announced today at MIT a revolutionary exclusive
social network. Chris & Cris, a Spanish-based company, has a network of over
10 million people who enjoy their luxury garments, distributed by major
banks, multinationals, sport clubs, and universities creating corporate
identity and brand awareness for their communities. Together, WISeKey and
Chris & Cris will blend corporate identity and brand awareness in a new
generation of VIP social network.

With WISeKey, the Chrisandcris.com Social Network will provide
high-level, digital identity verification and authentication, as well as
single-sign-on (SSO) to different services. Using WISeKey's technology, the
Chrisandcris.com Social Network is positioned to become the world's leading
private, trusted online community. Membership is by invitation only for
owners of the fine, luxury garments designed and manufactured by Chris &
Cris. The service is expected to launch in September of this year.

WISeKey also offers a digital brand protection solution, WISeAuthentic,
that allows verification of the authenticity of the goods, affording luxury
brands a simple way of battling counterfeiting and regaining control over the
grey market and taking advantage of a direct marketing tool. WISeKey is in
conversation with organizations such as MIT to further develop the creative
use of WISeKey's security and authentication technology.

The Chrisandcris.com Social Network will be provided to key events with
which WISeKey is already involved gathering VIPs, CEOs, celebrities,
high-ranking corporate and political officials. The Chrisandcris.com Social
Network will work with exclusive brands as an alternative to traditional
marketing. The Chrisandcris.com Social Network also plans an experiential
campaign for their prestigious membership that will extend into targeted
offline events.



    WISeKey SA
    Eileen Weinberg

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