Trade Greener Limited, Making Green Work in the Balkans With Landmark Carbon Reduction Project

By Trade Greener Limited, PRNE
Sunday, April 3, 2011

LONDON, April 4, 2011 - British company, Trade Greener (
is leading the green way in the Balkans, with the largest proposed Co2
emission reduction project.

Trade Greener Limited have this week signed a contract with JP
Elektroprivreda BiH, in Bosnia, the largest utility in the Balkan region, for
a major carbon (Co2) reduction project. This is the first of its kind in
Bosnia Herzegovina and a land mark project for the Balkan region.

Having won the public tender, the contract for the CDM (Clean
Development Mechanism) project aims to reduce the Co2 emissions in Bosnia
utilising the CDM co-financing model from the present Kyoto
framework, with the aim to save up to 3 million tonnes of Co2 over the
contract period if successfully validated at the UNFCC governing body, and
realizing additional tens of millions of euros.

Colin Armstrong-Bell, the Scottish Founder and Executive
Chairman of Trade Greener stated, "having taken three years to bring the
project to signature, we have taken a long term view on the Balkan region as
a whole. I believe this landmark project will pave the way to many more high
quality environmental projects within the region that we have diligently been
working on."

The CDM project activities can provide additional incomes to
allow the realization of the Co2 emission reduction project to be
successfully executed.

The General Manager of Elektroprivreda, Amer Jerlagic stated,
" some estimates that Bosnia's three utilities could together generate some
$356 million if the CDM project was implemented nationwide."

Trade Greener, it's consortium partner and Elektroprivreda are
now liaising heavily together on the feasibility of the projects for CDM
registration at the UNFCC secretariat.

Trade Greener has been supported by the British Embassy's
Trade & Investment team in Sarajevo. Tackling climate change is a key focus
for the UK Government. The 'low carbon economy' represents an opportunity for
businesses to drive greater efficiencies and create wealth, whilst also
mitigating against the risk of climate change.

Michael Tatham, the British Ambassador in Bosnia Herzegovina
stated, "With a dynamic business environment fostering innovation and
collaboration, the UK is well-placed to lead the global shift to a low carbon
future and seize opportunities across all sectors of the global economy".

"Trade Greener's business model is achieving and establishing success in
carbon reduction projects in Bosnia Herzegovina and rolling this success
throughout the whole Balkan region" said Duncan Spinner, also a Scot, Balkan
Regional Head of Operations, Trade Greener.

Being green and making money is a difficult balance for any businessman,
but one who seems to thrive on the challenge is the Scottish former British
Army officer and once investment banker at Morgan Stanley and director at
Lehman Brothers, Colin Armstrong-Bell.


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