US Martin Luther King Celebration Calls on Children of the World to 'Weed Out Hate'

By Marc Daniels, PRNE
Friday, August 13, 2010

Gardening Ceremony and Proclamation at Lincoln Home National Historic Site Aims to Rally Kids to Cultivate Compassion and Hold Global Leaders to a Higher Standard

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, August 14, 2010 - The cities of Des Moines, IA and Springfield, IL, USA, have proclaimed
Saturday, August 28, 2010 "Weed Out Hate Day." The commemoration is
anticipated to reverberate far beyond the shore of the United States.

Forty-seven years after Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his "I have a
dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.,
calling for equality regardless of race, creed and religion, the two city
governments, in separate declarations, acknowledged that "while much of what
Dr. King envisioned has come to fruition…there are still persistent weed
seeds of hate in his 'Promised Land' that impede our success as human beings
and as a society."

The US cities of Springfield and Des Moines, with respective ties to both
President Abraham Lincoln and the gardening industry, are prompting children
in both their communities, and around the world, to set an example for their
leaders. The kids are urged to go out to their gardens and pull out "one
symbolic weed," roots and all, to symbolize the spiritual yearning for
eradicating hatred and nurturing a landscape of friendship and freedom for
all. This effort reflects the need to nourish society and enrich education
through gardening and celebrating the earth.

The Springfield, Illinois commemoration will take place at 2:00 pm on
August 16, 2010 at the President Lincoln Home National Historic Site - 413 S.
Eight Street, Springfield, IL 62701.

The public awareness campaign is the brainchild of honorary gardener,
author, and businessman Marc Daniels, eldest grandson of the inventor of the
Ross Root Feeder(R), known around the world as an irrigation tool for the
hobby gardener. Mr. Daniels will be officiating at the Springfield ceremony
and will relate his vision for the world's future: the collaboration of green
industry, governmental and educational resources to ensure universal public
school access to gardening education. He envisions and recommends that all
diplomatic and foreign state visitors take a lesson from the children by
coming to the Lincoln historic site, pulling up their sleeves and extracting
a weed for themselves and the planet.

In the words of both proclamations "Through this campaign, it is hoped
that all children can begin to touch upon the kind of inner ecology of the
spirit that Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King each experienced as they
nurtured the nation."

About Marc Daniels

Marc Daniels is an author, businessman and eldest grandson of the
inventor of the Ross Root Feeder(R). He has devoted the past five years of
his life to researching and writing about the spiritual, cultural, and
ecological roots of gardening. His new book, Heaven's Garden, is being
released in Germany by Allegria Verlag, a unit of the Ullstein Group of
Publishers. Discussions are underway for a US publisher. Mr. Daniels is also
a guest blogger for Neighborhood BugWatch,
a global social networking lawn and garden community, where the text of his
speech may be found.

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