Foster Care Associates Recruiting Carers for Remand Fostering Placements

By Foster Care Associates, PRNE
Sunday, November 14, 2010

BROMSGROVE, England, November 15, 2010 - Foster Care Associates (FCA) has stepped up its activities to recruit
remand foster carers, complementing the agency's ongoing foster carer
recruitment campaign.

Remand fostering placements add to the standard range of fostering
( services provided to Local Authorities and Trusts
throughout the UK.

Remand fostering placements provide temporary care for young people with
challenging behavioural issues. They are provided for young people who have
been charged with an offence, that they may or may not have committed, and
are waiting for their cases to go through the courts. Remand placements
perform a vital role in keeping young people in a safe and supportive
environment while their charges are being reviewed.

FCA offers ongoing supervision from its foster carers and experienced
social work professionals to young people who find themselves in this

Raising awareness through its marketing activities, including regular
features on the agency's carer recruitment focused website, FCA aims to add
to its existing network of remand foster carers across the UK.

Sara Chambers Ross, Head of Operations, explains that due to its
challenging nature, remand fostering requires a certain kind of carer: "We
are looking for people with relevant experience. Specifically, we're
interested in talking to those with a background in working with children and
young people who have challenging behaviour and complex needs.

"These placements are beneficial in that they address the needs of the
young person as a result of the effectiveness of the supervision we offer.
They are an additional fostering service (
that we are pleased to provide to our customers."

Describing the wider benefits attached to fostering with FCA, Sara
Chambers Ross
adds: "With over 15 years' experience in caring for children
and young people of all ages, Foster Care Associates offers the number one
support package in the fostering sector. We provide local support to our
foster carers through our 80 local offices in the UK, with local teams
dedicated to providing you with all of the training and support you need to
succeed in your fostering career."

The need for remand foster carers joins the nationwide shortfall of
people willing to consider a career as a foster carer ( Up to 10,000 new fostering families are
needed to address the rising number of placements in the UK. Through a fully
integrated marketing campaign, FCA is raising awareness of fostering and
recruiting carers to address the shortfall. FCA is committed working to
improve fostering in London (
) Kent and the rest of the UK.

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About Foster Care Associates:

Foster Care Associates (FCA), part of the Core Assets Group Ltd, is the
UK's leading independent fostering agency, with offices operating throughout
England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Working in partnership with
Local Authorities and Health Trusts throughout the UK, FCA aims to provide
'quality care in a family setting' for over 2500 foster children who are
looked after by the agency's 2100 foster families.

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