US$20,000 Will Be Awarded to the Next Titanium Applications Development Winner

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BROOMFIELD, Colorado - International Titanium Association (ITA) is seeking nominations for its 2009 Applications Development Award. May 29th is the deadline to receive nominations. The annual award recognizes individuals or groups demonstrating significant advances in the expanded use of titanium. An award of US$20,000 will be presented to the winner this September.

Interested parties may nominate any person(s) within the titanium sector and may nominate several different candidates for consideration. All nominations will be presented to the ITA Grant Committee. Those making nominations can include supplemental materials (such as a letter of recommendation or certificates) for the committee to review in determining the final selection.

Candidate(s) qualifications and considerations should include: significant design, material or process achievements towards improving and expanding the use of titanium; promoting titanium products into new applications or enhancing the performance of titanium in an existing application; unveiling a technical breakthrough that specifically expands the use of titanium; inaugurating or influencing outstanding research or marketing programs leading to the expansion of the titanium market or titanium products; and initiating new, imaginative uses for titanium.

Brett Paddock, president and chief operating officer of Titanium Industries Inc., Rockaway, NJ, has served as the committee chairman of the ITA’s Applications Development Award for the past three years. “The committee remains focused on recognizing and rewarding people who contribute to emerging market trends and new ideas for the future of titanium,” he said.

Considering the ongoing global expansion for metal and sponge capacity, spurred mainly by robust aerospace demand, there are fewer availability concerns for titanium in today’s market–concerns that in previous years restricted the use of titanium for certain applications. According to Paddock, this expanded production capability should translate into more metal available for non-aerospace markets that, in turn, will yield more innovative titanium applications for the committee to consider, this year and beyond.

Expanded production capacity will give small companies the opportunity to specify titanium for new applications and new markets, he reasoned. “Small, emerging markets–that’s where the future lies for titanium. Who knows what the next big application will be.”

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Source: International Titanium Association

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