WebTView Introduces Super Fast Geographically-Independent Video Content Delivery to Connected Devices

By Webtview, PRNE
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Innovative Over-The-Top Video Streaming Acceleration Client-Side Solution Streams Video up-to x36 faster with Embedded Footprint Optimized for Connected Devices

TEL-AVIV, Israel, February 9, 2011 - WebTView, a leader in over-the-top video content delivery to connected
devices, today announced that its client-side video acceleration solution,
the WebTView Accelerator, has reached up-to x36 faster than direct video
streaming or download. The company has shown that by integrating the
geographically independent WebTView Accelerator into connected devices, video
content delivery cost can be dramatically reduced and video content can be
hosted in a cost-effective way, or can use a cost-optimized CDN without
compromising on user experience.

The WebTView Accelerator is a client-side embedded footprint (55KB)
software module that overcomes Internet congestion and enables smooth
over-the-top HTTP video streaming from any content source on the web to any
enabled connected device. The software substantially improves throughput up
to last-mile speed, thus reducing initial wait time and eliminating the
re-buffering that causes picture freezes. The WebTView Accelerator can be
used in conjunction with Progressive Download or Adaptive Streaming
technologies in order to achieve faster startup and better picture quality.

"Over-the-top video content delivery has been gaining ground during the
past year as new connected devices were introduced and as more content
providers have started to realize the huge potential market for their content
– as well as the high content delivery cost," said Eli Fux, WebTView's CEO
and co-founder. "The WebTView Accelerator is well-positioned to offer the
only embedded client-side video streaming acceleration solution, which can
help CE vendors and content providers alike to substantially reduce the cost
of content delivery."

The WebTView Accelerator can run on every connected device, among them
connected TVs, Digital Media Players, connected Blu-ray/DVD Players, tablets,
mobile devices, routers, and access points, that require embedded footprint.
Web browsers can leverage the WebTView Accelerator in order to boost online
video playing. The WebTView Accelerator has been seamlessly integrated into
embedded devices in various ways: as a transparent HTTP proxy on routers and
access points, and directly as a library using its API on various players.

WebTView will demonstrate the WebTView Accelerator live at the OTTCONF
West 2011 in San-Jose, CA during March 1st and 2nd (

About WebTView

WebTView a leader in over-the-top video content delivery to connected
devices. WebTView's products include the WebTView Video Platform, a
cloud-based solution that provides a best-of-breed user experience based on
its advance search, recommendation and personalization engine, and the
WebTView Accelerator, a client-side embedded software module that enables
seamless video streaming and download over HTTP from any content source on
the Internet to any enabled CE device.

For Further Information Contact:

    Gilad Brand
    VP of Marketing
    WebTView Ltd.
    Email: gilad@webtview.com
    Website: www.webtview.com
    Tel: +972-3-6225525

Contact: Gilad Brand, VP of Marketing, WebTView Ltd., Email: gilad at webtview.com, Tel: +972-3-6225525

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