New Business Model for Telcos and ISPs With Vopium's White Label Solution

By Vopium, PRNE
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

COPENHAGEN, February 9, 2011 - With the new Vopium mobile white label solution, telecom operators as
well as ISPs can now protect their user base and grab market share by
offering instant messaging and high-quality international VoIP calls at very
attractive rates. Vopium has already signed agreements with Canadian
Convergia Networks and Swiss TEL4LESS, and is now reaching out to other
telcos and ISPs looking to join the booming mobile VoIP-market.

Vopium now makes it possible for partners, with or without a mobile
service offering, to provide Vopium's voice and messaging services under
their own brand. This gives telcos and ISPs a new tool for developing their
business model and retention rates, as they can offer price-conscious
customers international mobile calls in superb quality with up to 90 percent
savings, without compromising their own brand and existing international call
margins. The white label solution is a first step towards new partnerships
and collaborations with telcos, who may previously have considered VoIP
companies a threat rather than an opportunity.

"Traditionally, telcos have regarded mobile VoIP providers as challengers
to their core business. Now they realise that a quality VoIP offer enables
them to grab a share of their competitors' international traffic. It also
helps them to protect their user base, retaining cost-conscious customers
with frequent calls abroad.

"Vopium has invested significant resources in a cutting-edge white label
solution, and forward-thinking telcos use it to offer their customers a
complete portfolio, including traditional telephony products as well as the
best from mobile VoIP. And with Vopium's white label solution, telcos can get
to market fast with their own brand and visual identity, using a proven and
well-tested solution, instead of investing in a lengthy and costly VoIP
development process over numerous handsets," says Tanveer Sharif, CEO of

Vopium signs white label agreement with TEL4LESS
Last year, Vopium signed its first white label partnership with Canadian
Convergia Networks, one of the world's largest privately held global
end-to-end telecom networks. Swiss-based provider TEL4LESS, which focuses on
mobile VoIP in the German-speaking DACH region, has also chosen a Vopium
white label solution to expand their services. Both companies will use
Vopium's technical VoIP and messaging platform, but will provide end-users
with a completely rebranded interface.

"Vopium's white label gives us a turnkey solution for offering
international mobile calls with up to 90 percent savings, free WiFi calling,
online backups etc. under our own brand. We have chosen Vopium's solution
because it is the most versatile, and is adapted for over 900 different types
of mobile phone, which gives us a unique platform for reaching out to new
user groups who can now benefit from mobile VoIP. We value the new
partnership, as Vopium's VoIP services are perfectly suited for the booming
numbers of mainstream VoIP consumers," says Arthur Hertnagel, Chairman of API
Invest & Finanz AG, which holds the majority of TEL4LESS.

Fast time to market and no hassle for end users
Vopium provides the white label offering either as a technical platform or as
an end-to-end mobile VoIP and messaging service. Partners can work with
Vopium either for a quick fix, to fulfil end users' immediate demand for
mobile VoIP, or for a full-scale strategic partnership, with tight
integration between billing systems and telephone networks.

"Our white label solution gives telcos a new platform for combining their
traditional products with a VoIP service. End users perceive this as a
hassle-free solution, as they don't have to change SIM-cards or log into
other online services in order to stay connected with friends and family,
both domestic and abroad," says Tanveer Sharif, CEO of Vopium.

Meet Vopium at the Mobile World Congress (GSMA)
Vopium will participate in the GSMA on 14-17 February 2011 in Barcelona, as a
part of the Danish delegation led by the Danish IT Industry Association, and
will be available for interviews and further information on the white label
solution at hall 2.0, stand 2A05.

About Vopium

Vopium provides low-cost mobile calls via VoIP technology. The innovative
Vopium software lets everybody benefit from VoIP - from the user with the
latest smartphone to those who prefer more traditional phones without data
access. Vopium is smart communication for everyone.

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Chairman of the Board: Christian Eyde Moller, phone no: +45-40-17-02-20
or email CEO: Tanveer Sharif, phone no: +45-25-90-10-90 or

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Additional information: Chairman of the Board: Christian Eyde Moller, phone no: +45-40-17-02-20
or email cem at CEO: Tanveer Sharif, phone no: +45-25-90-10-90 or email ts at; Arthur Hertnagel, TEL4LESS Services AG, phone no +41-84-84-44-777, email
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