West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Gets Connected

By Active Solutions Europe Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BASINGSTOKE, England, December 8, 2011 -

Active Solutions Europe Ltd (  www.activesol.co.uk  ), today announces the innovative approach West Yorkshire Fire Service (WYFRS) has taken to improve the outcomes of Fire Investigation.

Few, if any, UK Fire Services have a single system to link all the information and activity associated with ongoing investigations.  At best, information is stored using a paper based system that is hard to maintain and review, which is increasingly insecure.  At worst, there is no system often resulting in critical pieces of information being missed, leading to an increased risk to public safety.  This new, innovative solution ensures information is held securely, identifies trends, helps target repeat arson offenders, tracks documents and, importantly, provides the ability to share services with other organisations such as the Police and other Emergency Services.

Chris Clarke, Lead Fire Investigation Officer at WYFRS commented “Active has developed the first cloud based solution dedicated solely to dynamically managing information within the UK Fire and Rescue Service, specifically for Fire Investigation purposes.  We provide crucial and valuable services to protect communities and this offers a significant step forward to helping deliver a critical function of a modern day fire service.”

Based on Microsoft Dynamics technology the Connect Fire Investigation system, from Active, www.activesol.co.uk/CRM-Dynamics-2011-Fire-and-rescue-service, provides a single, easy to use system to manage and report against all the data and activities involved with every investigation whether it is at an individual or aggregated level.   Evidence immediately becomes more robust when used in court as it is stored and tracked electronically and individual cases can be linked seamlessly to identify repeat offenders or areas of risk before a serious incident occurs.

Responses to the local or national press and Freedom of Information enquiries can be completed quickly and with confidence that the information supplied is up to date, accurate and has been tracked to record everyone that has previously had access whether it involves written reports, photographs or building plans.  At the touch of a button Senior Management can view the progress of every investigation and identify bottlenecks that could fatally delay progress.  

Steve Ainsworth, CEO at Active said “The demands facing the UK Fire and Rescue service is already at an all time high as greater expectation is placed on reducing risk within in the community whilst continually reducing costs and working more efficiently.  By adapting processes and moving to an online approach every Fire service can immediately improve public safety and yet still reduce operating costs.”

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