Will More buy Gold Bullion Online?

By Gold Made Simple, PRNE
Sunday, August 22, 2010

MANCHESTER, England, August 23, 2010 - The growth of the Internet could mean that more people than
ever before will buy gold bullion (www.goldmadesimple.com/) online. As
the popularity of gold as an investment continues to soar, internet exchanges
are making the process more accessible and simple. Gold Made Simple is
leading the way, with a pared down site which has simplified the entire
buying process.

Gold Made Simple offers customers the choice of gold bars and
coins from as little as GBP89, up to GBP400,000. Customers can then pay via
credit or debit card through Gold Made Simple's secure payment system. The
choice is then left to the customer whether they would like their gold
delivered to their home, or stored and insured for a small fee at the London
Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Here your gold is stored as your personal
property, and isn't lent out in the way money stored at banks is. Should you
choose to sell your gold, Gold Made Simple will buy it back for at least 98%
of the spot price.

Gold Made Simple have broken down the elitism traditionally
involved in buying gold bullion, and have made the process accessible to a
much larger customer base than ever before. Making the buying and selling
process available online means it really is a strong possibility for every
level of investor, regardless of how much money they want to invest, or where
they happen to live in the world. With the price of stocks, shares, and even
currency lower than they have been in years, gold has held its value for
thousands of years, making it a safer alternative to traditional methods of
investment. And with prices expected to rise in the coming months, there
really is no better time to invest in gold bullion.

Contact: Gold Made Simple, Jason Cozens, Managing Director, +44(0)845-688-4491

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