WinkBall 'Capture the Passion' of the FA Cup With Their Extensive Football Fan Coverage

Thursday, February 17, 2011

WinkBall's Video Campaign 'Bringing Back the Passion' to Highlight the Importance of Greatest Football Tournament, The FA Cup

LONDON, February 18, 2011 - This weekend, football fans in the UK will witness the return of the
beloved FA Cup to the domestic football scene. Arguably, the FA Cup is the
only football competition that belongs to every football follower; from the
street corner, the pub, the Sunday League team and all the way up to the
elite division of the Premiership. It is a tournament that gives anyone and
everyone the chance to stamp their legacy on footballing history. A game for
all players on the pitch, it is, more importantly, the football competition
that draws most passion from the fans. Be it Burton Albion, Havant and
Waterlooville, AFC Wimbledon, or the most recent fairy-tale story of Crawley
Town FC (playing Manchester United at Old Trafford tomorrow!), the FA Cup
epitomises the story of the underdog so beloved in English legends. In this
way, it captures the passion of the fans like no other and tempts them to
believe their dreams can come true.

And it is of course fitting that, the UK's no.1 video
website, will document these dreams and emotions via its unique video
interaction at the FA Cup action this weekend. Giving fans a unique video
voice, WinkBall video reporters will be engaging with football fans and
discovering what the FA Cup means to them: and why it is the greatest
competition in the world. Capturing all the magic of the FA Cup through the
emotional power of video, WinkBall's coverage will paint an insightful story
of this tournament - steeped in history - that is told best through the fans.

WinkBall's on-going video campaign, 'Bringing Back the Passion', aims to
go further than a game of football and tell the true story of the FA Cup,
that demonstrating what people love about this historic football competition.
'Bringing Back the Passion', a campaign sanctioned by the FA, has followed
fans on an illustrious journey that has so far taken them to this, the
weekend of the 5th Round of the FA Cup. In addition to the fans, WinkBall
have spoken to a number of high profile football figures who have helped form
a huge chapter in the 2011 FA Cup story. Speaking most recently to Leyton
Orient chairman Barry Hearn and Notts County manager Paul Ince, they told
WinkBall what the FA Cup means for them and why it is the best competition in
the world:

With both teams set to compete in underdog clashes against Arsenal and
Manchester City respectively this weekend, it is these monumental games that
epitomise the FA Cup and brings the tournament back to its core values.

Despite arguments that the FA Cup has lost its magic, what with dwindling
attendances and higher esteemed prizes in football, the romance of the FA Cup
has once again come alive. Its ability to provide unique drama will be
immediately captured by, via their exciting video
coverage of the people that really matter: the fans. WinkBall will continue
to speak to fans up and down the country, as well as FA Cup heroes past and
present, in order for them to make another promise: to 'Bring Back the
Passion' of the FA Cup to the online video world.


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