WISeKey Invited to e-G8 Forum in Paris to Promote the Right to Disappear Initiative and the Android Launch of WISeID

By Wisekey Sa, PRNE
Monday, May 23, 2011

GENEVA, May 24, 2011 -

WISeKey is in Paris at the e-G8 Forum, discussing the "Right to
Disappear" initiative and WISeID Personal Data Protector. Since Carlos
appeared on CNBC last month discussing privacy on the Internet,
WISeID has been receiving unprecedented attention. WISeID also debuted on the
Android Market this week, following its very successful iPhone deployment,
bringing WISeKey's encryption technology to Android smartphone customers.

By invitation of President Nicolas Sarkozy, Mr. Moreira will represent
WISeKey at the e-G8 Forum this week. Mr. Sarkozy intends to focus on the
critical importance of the digital ecosystem to global economic growth.
WISeKey's digital security and authentication expertise mandates that the
Geneva-based firm play a role establishing universal protocols for digital
identity management.

"Social networks are compiling data daily, but there are no international
regulations," points out Mr. Moreira. "Abuse is inevitable, but the e-G8 can
help here." Data flows globally, but privacy laws are a matter of
geopolitics. Fortunately, the current atmosphere in Europe and the USA is
that data privacy is a fundamental right: individuals should control how
their personal data is used and by whom.

Recent identity theft in prominent consumer brands highlights the hazards
of personal data exposure. The gap between a person and the authentication of
a digital identity leaves millions vulnerable to dangers beyond identity
theft and fraud. "There isn't anything built into the architecture of the Web
that can verify who you are," Moreira says. "WISeKey's systems have been the
closest thing for years. WISeID is the first global answer to this problem
and a huge market opportunity for our company."

Carlos Moreira on CNBC: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFxlir4J6bA

WISeID: www.wiseid.mobi

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