WISeKey Protects and Encrypts Your Mobile Phone Calls From the Threat of Hacking With WISePhone Secure Phone

By Wisekey Sa, PRNE
Monday, July 11, 2011

GENEVA, July 12, 2011 -


WISeKey launches WISePhone secure phone application for the
Blackberry, in addition to its versions available for the iPhone
and Android. WISePhone solves the problem of mobile phone security,
by encrypting voice communication anywhere in the world, even in
regions where eavesdropping is common.

The release of WISePhone comes when the world is learning about
the proliferation of phone tapping activities. Authorities assert
that today telecommunication companies offer stronger password
systems to access voicemail accounts than just a few years ago, but
nevertheless, voice communication offers no promise of privacy.

WISeKey developed WISePhone understanding that interception
technology exists and is used more than many are aware.
Particularly with the increased data stored and transmitted on
Smart Phones, eavesdropping and wiretapping are a genuine concern.
People, corporations and governments need to be aware of the real
dangers of voice communication interception and take necessary
precautions against hacking, corporate espionage and

Gary Shainberg, WISeKey’s Chief Innovation & Digital Officer
said “by using WISePhone people can be assured that their
conversation will stay away from prying ears, thanks to the high
level of cryptography used. WISeKey is using its globally
recognized, digital security pedigree to make the Internet safe for
its users.” Shainberg continued “This is just the first iteration
of the WISeKey Secure Communications Suite, with more applications
coming in the near future.”

WISePhone is simple to use and extremely secure. Your
communication is secured with transparent, military-grade
encryption offering the same level of security used by government
agencies. WISePhone works with specific, widely-used Smart phones
currently operating in today’s mobile environment, so there is no
need to buy a special phone.

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