World's Largest Man-made Floating Island to be Partially Open in Seoul on May 21

By Seoul Metropolitan Government, PRNE
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SEOUL, South Korea, May 18, 2011 - The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that it will partially
open long-awaited "Floating Island" to the public on May 21. The Island under
construction on the Hangang (Han River) is the largest artificial floating
island in the world and the first equipped with an aquatic convention center.

The Floating Island comprised of three artificial islets is currently
being constructed on the river around Banpo Hangang Park in Seoul. It is
scheduled for completion in September this year.

The Island that makes up the sprawling 20,382 square-meter has been
developed under three key themes of exhibition and convention, culture, and
aquatic-leisure. The KRW 96.4 billion (approx. USD 88 million) project was
invested entirely with private funds.

Key infrastructure for Seoul's tourism and convention goals

Islet 1, the biggest of the three islets, is three stories high and
measures 10,845 square meters. It includes a 700-seat convention hall. Islet
2, a three-story structure measuring 5,373 square meters, puts a focus on
developing facilities for cultural events. Islet 3, two stories high, takes
up a 4,164 square-meter area and is devoted to various aquatic leisure sports
activities like yachting.

SMG expects this center to play a pivotal role in advancing its tourism
and convention sectors. The total number of seats for exhibitions and
conventions reaches 1,400 uniting all three of the islets.

State-of-the-art safety and eco-friendly system

The Floating Island is equipped with a state-of-the- art safety system to
prevent damage from inclement weather conditions. 28 three-ply
weather-resistant mooring chains secure the Floating Island, ensuring it
stays in position and afloat in the event of a flood or other dire weather

The sewage treatment plant will be managed according to strict
environmental standards. In addition, solar energy panels measuring 54 square
meters and generating 6 kilowatts per house of energy each day have been
built on the first-story roof of Islet 1.

SMG added that it will improve public accessibility to the Island by
launching a weekend bus and expanding bus lines.

"We hope that Floating Island will contribute to raising the brand value
of Seoul as one of the city's key landmarks," said Gyoung Gee Liu, Assistant
Mayor for Hangang Project Headquarters.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government

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