How the Right Window Choice can Help you go Green

By Wood Window Alliance, PRNE
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LONDON, May 18, 2011 - As fuel bills rise and homeowners look for advice on how to improve their
properties for long-term return on investment and greater self sufficiency, a
TV documentary is to be repeated next month offering inside knowledge and top
tips from building industry experts.

Sky TV's 'HOW TO… Go Green' documentary series is being broadcast again
on popular demand, including a special look on 7 June at 7.30pm at how double
glazing can help people reduce energy consumption and save money at home.

The programme will be broadcast on Sky channel 201 and ITV Freesat 403,
reaching millions with a clear message about the benefits of good quality
double or triple glazed wood windows instead of plastic replacement windows.

The programme includes extensive interviews with the Wood Window Alliance
(WWA) and the Energy Saving Trust, and tells the full story of the
energy-saving, value-boosting benefits of wood windows.

The WWA also airs its new TV advertisement during the programme, echoing
English Heritage's warning to homeowners of the dangers to property values
from unsympathetic use of PVC-u windows, especially in conservation areas.

Sean Parnaby, Wood Window Alliance campaign chairman, says:

"WWA wood windows are tested to be wind-tight and leak-proof, energy
efficient and low maintenance. Warranties will protect all the key elements
for at least eight years and the windows manufactured to WWA standards will
deliver an estimated service life of over 60 years. Sky TV's documentary
shows how today's high performance wood windows don't just look good, they
help save you money and improve the environmental sustainability of your

The Sky TV programme dismisses the myth that today's high performance
timber windows are less durable than plastic or need more maintenance.

Dr Richard Murphy of Imperial College London, which has carried out
research into the true service life of wood windows, commented:

"Our research implies there is no reason why today's Wood Window Alliance
windows shouldn't last as long as Edwardian and Victorian wood windows - a
lifetime or beyond."

The WWA is a group of 40 of the leading names in the British wood window
industry, and is leading the renaissance of wood windows through its work to
promote quality standards in every aspect of manufacturing and performance.
All manufacturer members have to meet a set of quality, performance and
sustainability criteria, with third-party accreditation.

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