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By Fusion-io, PRNE
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ioMemory Delivers Scalable MySQL Performance and Enterprise Reliability While Lowering TCO for Leading Global Customer Service Vendor

SALT LAKE CITY, May 12, 2011 - Fusion-io, provider of a next generation storage memory platform for
shared data decentralization, today announced that cloud-based help desk
services provider Zendesk has deployed Fusion's ioMemory to meet its growing
performance needs. By decentralizing its most active data from storage to the
server where it is processed, Zendesk tripled the data set size its database
could support.

Zendesk customers include web service providers such as Groupon, Twitter,
MSNBC and OpenTable, as well as organizations like web hosting provider
RackSpace Cloud. Fusion-io improved the speed of Zendesk's enterprise
database from handling 1000 queries per second to more than 3000. This
increased the number of support tickets its database could support and
built-in performance headroom it can use to enhance its software and improve
the overall customer experience.

"We went from looking at maintaining a complex storage area network (SAN)
with shelves of disks to a simple system consisting of several servers with a
Fusion-io card in each of them. This gave us an environment that was much
smoother to operate and had more easily understood failure modes, which
improves our uptime," said Zack Urlocker, the Chief Operating Officer for
Zendesk. "Zendesk customers are all about velocity - from being able to
implement a help desk more quickly than with any other solution to delivering
rapid resolution to their customers' issues. Fusion-io allows us to give more
than 10,000 Zendesk customers superior performance and enterprise
reliability, all while relieving them of the need to manage their own help
desk support."

Urlocker noted that the Fusion-io solution enabled Zendesk to double its
MySQL database index scans; reduce the warm up time for a cold database from
six hours to three minutes; and increased Zendesk's overall working data set
size beyond the volatile, limited RAM cache without noticeable performance
degradation. Zendesk's web hosting provider was also able to install,
configure and manage the Fusion-io solution on the company's behalf, freeing
Zendesk IT administrators to concentrate on their own business activities.

In addition, simplifying the database's infrastructure through ioMemory
eliminated the need to add costly, disk-based SANs and gave Zendesk a highly
scalable platform for future growth, all while lowering the total cost of
ownership by reducing Zendisk's power, cooling and real estate costs.

"To deliver reliable cloud services that stay ahead of the competition,
customers like Zendesk need to be able to accelerate performance, reduce
latency and scale to serve an incredibly diverse clientele," said Neil
, Chief Technology Officer of Fusion-io. "Zendesk's innovative team has
engineered a shared data decentralization solution that enables the company
to achieve the enterprise performance and reliability expected by their
impressive client base without the costly overhead associated with less
efficient disk-based solutions."

To learn more about solutions from Zendesk, go to www.zendesk.com.
To learn more about Fusion-io, go to www.fusionio.com. To read the
Fusion-io case study on Zendesk's implementation of Fusion's ioMemory
technologies, visit: www.fusionio.com/case-studies/zendesk/.

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About Fusion-io

Fusion-io has pioneered a next generation storage memory platform for
shared data decentralization that significantly improves the processing
capabilities within a datacenter by relocating process-critical, or "active",
data from centralized storage to the server where it is being processed, a
methodology referred to as data decentralization. Fusion's integrated
hardware and software solutions leverage non-volatile memory to significantly
increase datacenter efficiency and offers enterprise grade performance,
reliability, availability and manageability. Fusion's data decentralization
platform can transform legacy architectures into next generation datacenters
and allows enterprises to consolidate or significantly reduce complex and
expensive high performance storage, high performance networking and
memory-rich servers. Fusion's platform enables enterprises to increase the
utilization, performance and efficiency of their datacenter resources and
extract greater value from their information assets.

    Robert Brumfield
    MARCOM Media Relations Director


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