Government Employment Law Reform Plans Will Reward Discrimination by Bosses say Lawyers

By Dbs Law, PRNE
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BIRMINGHAM, England, May 11, 2011 - Employment experts at DBS Law are warning that government plans to reduce
compensation levels at Employment Tribunals will increase discrimination at

A review of employment law announced today by Lib Dem minister Ed Davey
is likely to lead to a dramatic decrease in the level of compensation that
women and workers from ethnic minorities can win when they are unfairly
treated by their bosses.

The government's stated aim is to reduce what they say are a raising
number of vexatious claims for discrimination. Lawyers at DBS say the
assertion is spurious and the proposed solution to non-existent problem in

Head of Employment at DBS Law, Paul Griffin, said "There has been an
increase in claims of discrimination in the last six months; this is due to
employers not following correct procedure in a mad dash to reduce head count
ahead of another downturn in the economy.

"Cutting compensation to victims of discrimination will not deter
vexatious claims; half of something for nothing is still a good deal after
all. The only effect will be to reward bad employers who disadvantage women
and ethnic minority workers, legitimising an unpleasant trend in employment

"40,000 jobs have been made redundant every month for the last year and
this rate is set to increase. Relaxing restriction on discrimination at work
will mean a greater proportion of these workers will be from protected
groups, women, black and ethnic minorities and older and younger workers."

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