20% of Operators Globally Now Connected to the Basware Open Network

By Basware Corporation, PRNE
Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GUILDFORD, England, October 27, 2010 - Basware, the leading provider of purchase-to-pay solutions, has further
expanded its Open Network for e-invoice and purchase message transaction by
passing the significant milestone of 100 partners across the globe. New
partners include First Businesspost in Germany, Unified Post in the
as well as Inovis, part of the world's largest e-commerce company
GXS, in the UK and the US. The Basware Open Network, which connects buyers
and suppliers by forming interoperability agreements with local and global
e-invoicing partners, has to date supported over nine million global
transactions in 2010.

The Basware Open Network's support of multiple data formats ensures that
any supplier, buyer or third-party vendor can join, irrespective of whether
proprietary technologies are in place or not. This uniquely open model
addresses the pitfalls associated with other highly fragmented industry
offerings, where every buyer uses a different standard and data format - and
where even a modestly sized business cannot hope to meet the requirements of
every one of their customers.

Through the Basware Open Network, e-invoices and purchase messages can
flow smoothly from any supplier to any buyer via any provider of e-invoicing
services - all via a hub designed specifically to overcome this fragmentation
issue. Interoperability agreements now exist between Basware and over 100 of
the 500 operators, with many more scheduled to be added throughout the rest
of 2010 and 2011. The closed model offered by other e-invoicing vendors
exacerbates the fragmented landscape and fails to deliver any real value.
Instead, it exposes locked-in companies to arbitrary and enforced price

"The key to realising the full benefits of e-invoicing is the ability for
organisations to transact globally with ease and efficiency. Buyer and
supplier organisations need to choose their e-invoicing network provider
carefully, as traditional e-invoicing network models have focused on
enforcing connections within their own closed networks, often optimised only
for specific regions or industries and often supporting only proprietary
document formats," said John Webster, VP Global Product Marketing at Basware.
"To combat this, and also mitigate the risk of significant fee increases,
Basware enables suppliers to connect to the Basware Open Network either
directly or via existing local operators. The Open Network automatically
processes e-invoices to the buying organisation regardless of their own
operator, location or document format standards."

"Our Open Network is truly global, and we now have over 100 out of 500
operators connected from around the world. It is truly interoperable - all of
those operators have worked with us to ensure that their own networks can
share data smoothly with ours. By supporting over 50 data formats, we ensure
that buyers and suppliers have as much flexibility as they need," said Esa
, SVP of Connectivity Services at Basware. "Our unique approach is
transforming what is a highly fragmented global industry by removing the
final barriers to a global supply base adoption of e-invoicing - the key
enabler for large organisations looking to reap the benefits of e-invoicing.
Through our Open Network, suppliers and buyers can co-exist in harmony and no
longer have to navigate their way around a multitude of closed networks and

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Basware is the global leader in purchase-to-pay solutions with more than
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With Basware, organisations can reduce the cost of buying and paying for
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