4D "Key to Knowledge" Revealed Early - "HYWY 101(C)" Knowledge Map Released on Internet

By Vez.com, PRNE
Saturday, January 29, 2011

4 Dimensional "Map of All Knowledge", Legend and Instructions released, revealed by Vez Inc. at vez.com.

TORONTO, January 30, 2011 - On January 25, "Vez Inc." announced the "Key to Knowledge". On January 27,
they announced the "Brain Switch". Both were described as "An Automated way
of thinking, learning, understanding and using knowledge." The beta release
date was to be February 15, 2011.

In 1998, the Late Fred Wiebe copy wrote the "HYWY 101(C)" Knowledge Map
and Tool he had invented, developed and perfected between 1981 and 1988. Fred
showed his invention to Dr. Isaac Asimov who wrote he thought it was a
major scientific achievement.

The Map Legend is a simple description of the "16 Main Branches of
Knowledge" and the two new ways they are used together; using "Scientific"
(Definition) and "General" (Category) description, in ascending time order.
The wording, structure, and design are completely logical, and it expresses
or conveys the comprehension of all knowledge, in an almost perfect way
allowing instant understanding of everything.

As the first "4 Dimensional Tool" invented with four Logic values;
definition, description, structure relationship and interaction, and time,
using every label (who, what, when, where, why, and how) to provide complete
"Context", on a single page, making it a perfect tablet, table, description
and compilation of all knowledge. With five Logic labels; definition,
description, structure relationship and interaction, and time, it produces
and provides complete "Context". It can be printed on a single page or used
on any other two Dimensional surface such as computer, phone or television

It is like having a brain of a living librarian, who knows how everything
relates and connects, a little bit about everything, and can help you or show
you how to find the answer to anything. It is a perfect tool, to allow
anyone, to simply ask and answer, anything, in their own mind (depending on
the depth and breadth of their personal knowledge), or using an external
computing device.

When interfaced with a device screen, users will be able to get a 3D
visualization to see how things connect, behind, through, like a matrix
inside a sphere, which literally wraps around knowledge and becomes a
complete circle of logic displaying all the interrelations between all
knowledge and all the sciences.

To Download a pdf. of the "HYWY 101(C)" KNOWLEDGE MAP go to
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news (tinyurl.com/veznews) or send an email.

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