Advanced Laser Therapy Solutions for Women's Hair Loss

By Advanced Hair Studio, PRNE
Monday, December 20, 2010

LONDON, December 21, 2010 - Many Women suffering from hair loss are turning to Advanced Hair Studios
( and discovering advanced laser therapy
( as a method along with
other procedures to overcome thinning hair.

This method of hair restoration has been shown to be affective in helping
a woman's hair return. Advanced laser therapy combines three programs into
one overall treatment. A cutting-edge laser device is used in conjunction
with a pharmaceutical shown to promote hair regrowth. Thirdly, a scalp and
follicle treatment therapy is used to further stimulate regrowth.

This therapy has been shown to regrow hair in 84% of the cases.
University studies also indicated 100 percent of those undergoing the program
have been satisfied with the regrowth of hair. Those using the therapy have
seen results in as little as three months.

Using a laser provides infrared energy that helps massage and heat the
scalp. It also helps make the pores expand and promotes better blood flow to
the follicles. As a result, the follicles will receive more nourishment than
under normal conditions. This leads to more cell division and ultimately to
more growth of hair. The use of lasers instead of other light or heat sources
has to do with where they fall in the light spectrum. Lasers provide light at
a frequency that better stimulate the follicle.

The process is painless and fast. It is non-invasive. Patients place
their scalp beneath a series of low light lasers. The lasers move and can be
programmed to address multiple areas of hair loss on the individual's head.
The only safety precaution is that patients are asked not to look directly
at the lasers. The rest of the therapy has been proven safe in clinical
studies. Most patients will need at least 25 sessions. In many cases it could
take 50 sessions to get the desired results.

In addition to laser restoration, Advanced Hair Studios also offer its
patented Strand-By-Strand ( process of replacing
hair for women. Patients have a sample of hair taken. It is sent to an
Advanced Hair Studios facility for matching. Later the patient has new
strands of hair attached to the scalp via a synthesized second skin which is
non-surgically grafted to the scalp to which the hair is added.

For ladies not suffering from hair loss but seeking more length, Advanced
Hair Studios has also patented its Flashpoints ( hair extension system.
It's a system more gentle on hair than current extension methods. The
extensions are also reusable.

Advanced Hair Studios now provides a number of solutions to remedy
problems with ladies' hair. From replacement of hair due to baldness to
thickening and lengthening of hair, many women are swearing by the patented
procedures with satisfying results.

The Advanced Hair Studio offers a unique combination of breakthrough
technology. Outstanding customer service has seen the studio grow into one of
the largest hair restoration companies in the world, with approximately 70
clinics worldwide. For further information visit

Lucy Tucker - +44(0)207-631-4989

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