Agents Provide Input on New MSB Products at Agent Strategy Council

By Msb, PRNE
Monday, April 12, 2010

NEW BERLIN, Wisconsin, April 13, 2010 - MSB, the leading worldwide provider of building cost data and estimating
technology to the property insurance industry, held its first Agency Strategy
Council meeting on February 3, 2010, in Tampa, Florida. This event is part of
an ongoing MSB initiative to increase direct communication with insurance
agents nationwide.

"To make our customers, the insurance carriers, happy, we also have to
make their customers happy," explained Jerry Fox, Vice President of Agency
Operations for MSB. "So, we are reaching out to the agents who use our
products to gain their insight, better understand their challenges, and
ensure that MSB's future product direction is also, from an agent's view,
where we need to go."

Council attendees included leadership from the Vertafore Users' Group,
the Applied Users' Group, as well as representatives from ACORD and Agents
Council for Technology (ACT). "We went to the executives of each group,
explained what we were trying to do and asked for participant
recommendations. They connected us with some of the best minds in the
industry," Fox said. "We had the current and incoming president or chairman
of both users' groups in attendance, as well as each research and product
development committee head."

During the event, MSB representatives discussed future enhancements and
previewed two products — InterChange(TM) (IC) and Grand Central Express
(GCX). Both products, which will launch in Q3 2010, are designed to save
agents time and reduce errors by eliminating redundant keying.
InterChange(TM) is a database with a uniquely broad array of independently
researched and verified property information while GCX is a web-hosted
network that completes valuations for leads across multiple MSB RCT
Express(TM) web hosting sites simultaneously.

InterChange(TM) automatically pre-fills input data required for the
agents' desktop tools for calculating MSB replacement cost estimates. GCX
enables agents to access all of their carriers' RCT Express(TM) web sites,
streamlining the convergence from leads to real business opportunities for
participating carriers. "Without GCX, agents have to retype this information
three, maybe four times, with a margin of error," Fox explained. "With GCX,
it's once and done."

According to Fox, the council participants enthusiastically received both
products. "Based on participant feedback, these two products are clearly in
sync with the needs of the insurance agencies our customers serve," he said.

In addition to conducting more agent strategy council events, MSB will
soon set up a tactical agent advisory group that will focus on actual
development projects. Fox and other members of MSB leadership will also
increase involvement with users' groups and other agent-facing organizations.

"One of the best ways we can serve our insurance carriers is to make sure
that our tools are easy-to-use, efficient and make life easier for the agents
who use them," Fox said. "By initiating consistent, honest communications and
listening to the agent community, we are certain to meet that goal."

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