Air Charter International Flying High in the Festive Season

By Air Charter International, PRNE
Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DUBAI, EAU, December 2 - Despite the financial downturn in Dubai, at Air Charter International
it's business as usual and preparations are in full swing for last minute
requirements during this year's festive season.

It is well known that the aviation industry and more specifically,
private jet and VIP Charters, have undergone a significant shift in the past
sixteen months from a demand to supply-driven market. Air Charter
International (ACI) realized this and changed their focus and strategy to
suit the customers' needs and the enquiries they were receiving.

Now, Christmas, incentive and holiday travel are front of mind in many
people's minds across the globe. The drive to ensure customers' requirements
are met and the highest levels of value and satisfaction are achieved is what
is going to separate the market leaders from the pack. ACI has taken the
initiative in ensuring that during Christmas holidays, Islamic New Year and
other New Years' Holidays they remain fully operational throughout the day
and night.

Winter is a busy time for the charter and leasing teams as enquiries
ranging from high value cargo to short term wet leases require immediate
attention. ACI's management team has stated, "We believe that in order to
differentiate ourselves in the market, we require to remain available for any
enquiry no matter the time of year. Be it urgent jet charters, cargo
charters, short and long term wet lease or AOG aircraft replacements, we are
always available."

With the Middle East and more specifically Dubai receiving a significant
amount of press coverage over the past few weeks, ACI has increased their
efforts to ensure business continues in the same professional manner that is
expected from a leading aviation charter company in a world class city.

Notes to Editor:

Air Charter International (ACI) a leading aircraft charter and
leasing company based in Dubai, UAE, has been in operation since 1994 and
covers 4-A region, namely: Arabia, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific. ACI
services long and short term aircraft requirements. ACI has also made a
strategic move into Aircraft Management through its 100% owned subsidiary:
Jet Ops which operates and manages three Cessna 208A Amphibian seaplanes for
a commercial tourism operation named Seawings. Seawings provides seaplane
operations within the United Arab Emirates. Seawings is the only seaplane
sightseeing service in the region, considered a must-do for visitors to
Dubai. The resource pool of ACI includes professionals from a wide variety of
backgrounds & nationalities with a strong focus on aviation related industry
and experience.

    For further information please contact:
    Darren Brews
    Corporate Communications
    Air Charter International (Arabia) Ltd
    Phone: +971-4-8070808

For further information please contact: Darren Brews, Corporate Communications, Air Charter International (Arabia) Ltd, Phone: +971-4-8070808, Email: corpcom at

January 14, 2010: 1:36 am

Its a great pleasure to Fly High in the Festive Season, it gives us a sensational feeling.

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