Air Charter International Blasts Through Tough Situations

By Air Charter International, PRNE
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DUBAI, UAE, October 20, 2010 - Specialists in providing solutions for all cargo charter
enquiries, Air Charter International once again managed to resolve a
difficult situation with their extensive industry knowledge and experience.

With this in mind, a leading petroleum company approached the
sales team at Air Charter International to help source an aircraft to carry
5750 Kg of explosives to Dushanbe in Tajikistan. "We received the enquiry in
mid August" said Richard Dunnink, charter sales broker at Air Charter
international. He also explained that the client had attempted to resolve the
matter on their own and brought the transport of this sensitive cargo to Air
Charter International's attention after all other means had been exhausted.

"From the beginning we knew we had a complicated task ahead of
us" said Mr. Dunnink. "Not only did we have the clients pressing hopes that
we would be able to solve this enquiry, but we also had the difficult mission
of transporting explosives from America over a tense Middle East airspace".

The explosives were meant to be used to dislodge tonnes of oil
and gas equipment stuck in the client's oil wells in Tajikistan. Mr. Dunnink
stated that although the nature of the transport of the explosives were in no
way for military services, the simple fact that these dangerous goods were
from America made it hostile to certain regions in the Middle East.

"The original flight was to take the cargo from Houston to
Luxembourg, then over to Iran and finally Dushanbe" said Mr. Dunnink. "But
because of the many restrictions for American cargo over Iran airspace, we
had to find an alternative route".

Mr. Dunnink along with his colleagues in the charter sales
team at Air Charter International finally managed to transport the cargo via
Sharjah onboard an IL 76. "The cargo finally made it to Dushanbe from Houston
with minimal stops".

After almost two months of planning and coordination, Air
Charter International managed to do what other aviation providers failed to
accomplish and made sure that the dangerous goods were safely and efficiently
transported to there destination.

"Although the task of organizing this transport was
challenging, we promised the best services and delivered on those promises.
The client was very pleased and we hope to be working with them in the future
as well".

Notes to Editor:

Air Charter International (ACI) a leading aircraft charter and
leasing company based in Dubai, UAE, has been in operation since 1994 and
covers 4-A region, namely: Arabia, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific. ACI
services long and short term aircraft requirements. ACI has also made a
strategic move into Aircraft Management through its 100% owned subsidiary:
Jet Ops which operates and manages three Cessna 208A Amphibian seaplanes for
a commercial tourism operation named Seawings. Seawings provides seaplane
operations within the United Arab Emirates. Seawings is the only seaplane
sightseeing service in the region, considered a must-do for visitors to
Dubai. The resource pool of ACI includes professionals from a wide variety of
backgrounds & nationalities with a strong focus on aviation related industry
and experience.

    For further information please contact:

    Carine Duvignaud
    Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager
    Air Charter International (Arabia) Ltd
    Phone: +971-4-8070808


For further information please contact: Carine Duvignaud, Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager, Air Charter International (Arabia) Ltd, Phone: +971-4-8070808, Email: corpcom at

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