Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics Reports Full Year Results 2009

By Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics B.v, PRNE
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, February 24, 2010 - Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (Euronext: AMT), a leader in
the field of human gene therapy, today reported its results for the year to
December 31, 2009.

    - Glybera(R) Marketing Authorisation Application submitted to
      European Medicines Agency (EMA, formerly known as EMEA);
    - EMA commenced formal review of Glybera(R) dossier on January
      20, 2010;
    - EMA grants orphan drug designation for AMT's Acute
      Intermittent Porphyria ("AIP") program;
    - EMA grants orphan drug designation for AMT's Duchenne
      Muscular Dystrophy ("DMD") program;
    - SenterNovem awards EUR 4 million investment credit for the
      development of AMT's DMD program;
    - Raised EUR 5 million convertible loan notes, which convert
      into ordinary shares at EUR 3.91 per share;
    - New management team.

Jorn Aldag, Chief Executive Officer of AMT, commented: "In
2009 we announced a rebalancing of our strategy, focused on our lead product
Glybera(R), a proprietary product for lipoprotein lipase deficiency (LPLD),
together with the ongoing development of four earlier stage progams
targeting: Hemophilia B, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), Acute
Intermittent Porphyria (AIP) and Parkinson's Disease. At the end of 2009 we
reached a major milestone by submitting the Marketing Authorisation
Application (MAA) for Glybera(R) to the European Medicine Agency (EMA), and
this dossier was validated by EMA on January 20, 2010. After having de-risked
our business model and secured funding into 2011 we are well positioned for
the future."


Glybera(R)'s entry into the European registration process is a
major milestone. For a large number of serious diseases, therapeutic options
are limited to providing symptomatic relief at best. Millions of patients
have to rely on continuous medical care to help them manage their life-long
complaints. Today, researchers are finally pointing to a number of inspiring
successes in gene therapy that carry the excitement of possible cure. Through
gene therapy, the body's lack of natural function is restored thus providing
a real, longterm solution. Glybera(R) could be the first gene therapy product
to treat a genetic disease to be approved for sale in Europe. AMT expects its
second gene therapy product to enter clinical development shortly.

Because AMT's technology can be applied equally to a wide
range of other genetic diseases, the success of Glybera(R) would validate
AMT's approach for its other pipeline products, targeting a range of orphan
and major diseases, including Parkinson's Disease, Hemophilia, DMD and AIP.

The Group appointed a new corporate leadership team. In
September 2009, AMT announced that Jorn Aldag had been appointed Chief
Executive Officer. In December AMT further announced that Piers Morgan had
been appointed Chief Financial Officer and Hans Preusting had taken up the
responsibility for Operations & Project Management. The new team has
de-risked our business model through the focus on key projects and a balanced
partnering strategy. And, as a first result, we secured further financing to
fund the Company into 2011.


AMT's operating loss reduced slightly to EUR 17.8 million for
2009, from EUR 18.8 million for 2008. Research and development expenditure
was maintained at EUR 13.2 million compared to EUR 13.1 million in 2008, and
the modest decrease in operating expenses is primarily due to the decrease of
general and administrative costs to EUR 4.9 million, from EUR 5.9 million in
2008. This decrease reflected the higher than normal cost of advisory fees in
2008 which did not recur to the same level in 2009. Interest receivable fell
to EUR 0.6 million compared to EUR 1.9 million in 2009, reflecting the lower
average cash balances of the Group during 2009. Consequently the net loss for
2009 was EUR 17.2 million, broadly in line with the net loss of EUR 16.9
for 2008.

In December 2009 AMT successfully raised EUR 5 million of new
funds via a private placement of convertible bonds. The five-year unsecured
and unsubordinated bonds, which have a minimum denomination of EUR 100,000,
had an issue price of 100% and pay an annual coupon of 5%. During the
conversion period the bonds are convertible into ordinary shares of AMT at an
initial conversion price of EUR 3.91 or a 30% premium over the then
prevailing share price.

As of December 31, 2009, AMT had cash and cash equivalents of
EUR 22.6 million, compared to EUR 34.2 million at December 31, 2008. The net
cash burn for the year amounted to EUR 11.5 million.

Subsequent events

On January 6, 2010 AMT announced that it will receive an
Innovation Credit of up to EUR 4 million from the Dutch government to support
the development of AMT's gene therapy treatment for Duchenne Muscular
Dystrophy (DMD) The credit is granted by SenterNovem and will fund 35% of the
program costs during the period to mid-2013.

About Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics

AMT, founded in 1998 and based in Amsterdam, is a leader in
the development of human gene based therapies. Using adeno-associated viral
(AAV) vectors as the delivery vehicle of choice for therapeutic genes, the
company has been able to design and validate what is probably the first
stable and scalable AAV production platform. This safe and efficacious
proprietary platform offers a unique manufacturing capability which can be
applied to a large number of rare (orphan) diseases that are caused by one
faulty gene. Currently, AMT has a product pipeline with several AAV-based
gene therapy products in LPL Deficiency, Hemophilia B, Duchenne Muscular
Dystrophy, Acute Intermittent Porphyria and Parkinson's Disease at different
stages of research or development.

Certain statements in this press release are "forward-looking
statements" including those that refer to management's plans and expectations
for future operations, prospects and financial condition. Words such as
"strategy," "expects," "plans," "anticipates," "believes," "will,"
"continues," "estimates," "intends," "projects," "goals," "targets" and other
words of similar meaning are intended to identify such forward-looking
statements. Such statements are based on the current expectations of the
management of Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics only. Undue reliance should
not be placed on these statements because, by their nature, they are subject
to known and unknown risks and can be affected by factors that are beyond the
control of AMT. Actual results could differ materially from current
expectations due to a number of factors and uncertainties affecting AMT's
business, including, but not limited to, the timely commencement and success
of AMT's clinical trials and research endeavors, delays in receiving U.S.
Food and Drug Administration or other regulatory approvals (i.e. EMEA, Health
Canada), market acceptance of AMT's products, effectiveness of AMT's
marketing and sales efforts, development of competing therapies and/or
technologies, the terms of any future strategic alliances, the need for
additional capital, the inability to obtain, or meet, conditions imposed for
required governmental and regulatory approvals and consents. AMT expressly
disclaims any intent or obligation to update these forward-looking statements
except as required by law. For a more detailed description of the risk
factors and uncertainties affecting AMT, refer to the prospectus of AMT's
initial public offering on June 20, 2007, and AMT's public announcements made
from time to time.

    Consolidated balance sheet
    (after appropriation of result)

                                             (In EUR x 1,000)
                                         December 31, December 31,
                                             2009         2008

    Non-current assets
    Intangible assets                           3,008        2,497
    Property, plant and equipment               1,756        2,338
                                                4,764        4,835
    Current assets
    Receivables from related parties               34           44
    Social security and other taxes               414          102
    Other receivables                             469        1,048
    Cash and cash equivalents                  22,624       34,150
                                               23,541       35,344

    Total assets                               28,305       40,179

    Shareholders' equity                       18,410       35,105
    Total group equity                         18,410       35,105


    Non-current liabilities
    Financial lease liabilities                   259          341
    Debt to related party                       4,723            -
    Other non-current liabilities                   -          110
                                                4,982          451
    Current liabilities
    Trade payables                              1,182        1,178
    Payables to related party                       -          219
    Social security and other taxes               215          154
    Other current liabilities                   3,516        3,072
                                                4,913        4,623

    Total liabilities                           9,895        5,074

    Total equity and liabilities               28,305       40,179

    Consolidated income statement

                                                       (In EUR x 1,000)
                                                          Year ended
                                                     December 31, December
                                                             2009 31, 2008

    Other income                                              355      223
    Total net income                                          355      223

    Research and development costs                       (13,241) (13,118)
    General and administrative costs                      (4,913)  (5,895)
    Total operating costs                                (18,154) (19,013)

    Operating result                                     (17,799) (18,790)

    Interest income                                           647    1,901
    Interest costs                                           (23)     (30)
                                                              624    1,871

    Result before corporate income taxes                 (17,175) (16,919)

    Corporate income taxes                                      -        -
    Result for the year                                  (17,175) (16,919)

    Attributable to:
    Ordinary shareholders of the Company                 (17,175) (16,919)

    Earnings per share for result
    attributable to the equity holders of the
    Company during the period
    (expressed in Euro per share)
    Basic and diluted earnings per share                   (1.17)   (1.16)

    Consolidated cash flow statement
                                                     (In EUR x 1,000)
                                                        Year ended
                                            December 31, 2009   December 31,

    Cash flow from operating
    Result before corporate income tax              (17,175)        (16,919)
    Adjustments for:
    - Depreciation                                       688             653
    - Share-based payment expenses                       440           (266)
    - Changes in working capital                         165             517
    - Interest (income)/expense                        (624)         (1,871)
    Cash used in operations                         (16,506)        (17,886)
    Interest paid                                       (23)             (2)

    Net cash generated from operating               (16,529)        (17,888)

    Cash flow from investing
    Purchases of property, plant and                   (106)           (889)
    Purchases of intangible fixed                      (511)           (600)
    Interest received                                    857           1,901
    Net cash used in investing                           240             412

    Cash flow from financing

    Capital contribution shareholders                     40             296
    Convertible loans drawn down, net                  4,723               -
    of costs
    Net cash generated from financing                  4,763             296

    Net (decrease)/ increase in cash,
    cash equivalents
    and bank overdrafts                             (11,526)        (17,180)
    Cash, cash equivalents and bank
    At the beginning of the year                      34,150          51,330
    Cash, cash equivalents at the end                 22,624          34,150
    of the year


For further information: Jorn Aldag, Chief Executive Officer, Tel +31(0)20-566-7394, j.aldag at

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