Android App Premiere Launched by Saudi Research and Publishing Company Asharq Al-Awsat the First Android App in the Arab News Market

By Knowledgeview Ltd, PRNE
Thursday, December 1, 2011

LONDON, December 2, 2011 -

In line with its vision to deliver news to its growing target audience around the world, the Saudi Research and Publishing Company (SRPC) is set to launch native Android apps for all its publications starting with Asarq Al Awsat, the pioneering pan-Arab daily and the world’s most trusted source of Arab news.

This project comes as a part of the company’s strategy to deliver the content of its various publications on the latest platforms such as iPhone, iPad, smart mobile and Android.

“Asharq Al-Awsat” (AAA) is the most influential newspaper that attracts a large audience base. Saudi Research and Marketing Group is determined to leverage the leading position of AAA through the launch of its native Android app to be followed later on by similar native apps for the other SRPC’s publications. “We strongly believe that this launch will help widen the reach of the newspaper among its sophisticated audience worldwide,” Dr. Azzam Al Dakhil, SRMG’s CEO, said.

The AAA Android app, developed by KnowledgeView, displays Arabic content and multimedia for Arabic and non-Arabic supported devices.

The KnowledgeView’s advanced Android app technology allows offline browsing and sharing content through Facebook, Twitter and by email.

SRPC has chosen KnowledgeView after performing a thorough examination of the different technologies available worldwide.

“We are proud to have established a strategic partnership with SRMG, the largest publisher in the Arab world, especially on the digital technology front. Developing advanced and solid native apps for SRMG’s publications in such a little time is a great challenge we were happy to take and we look forward to more success stories with the group to help raising the bar in the ever changing and fast moving world of technology and content delivery,” Dr. Ali Al Assam, KnowledgeVie CEO, concluded.

About KnowledgeView

KnowledgeView Ltd is a UK-based company with headquarters in London and offices in the Middle East. The company was founded in 1995 to develop cross-media publishing, news management and editorial sharing systems. Users of KnowledgeView’s Publish live solutions included the Independent News and Media, Guardian Media Group, News Corporation and the Washington Post. In the Middle East, KnowledgeView is a leading newspaper integrator, with over 40 media companies, providing consultancy as well as technology, acting as a marketing and technology bridge between Europe and the Arab World.

KnowledgeView’s Publish live suite of products and services enables publishers to extend their reach and increase revenues, through easy multi-publishing to paper, Web, mobile iPhone and iPad.

KnowledgeView’s RAPID Browser is a powerful news management and editorial sharing system for automating acquisition, classification and enhancement of news and media content and creating packages for cross-media publishing, designed to streamline production and create additional revenues.

RAPID Browser has set the standard for the next generation of news management systems, with its ability to gather content from a wide variety of sources such as news agencies, correspondents’ reports, RSS and Web harvested feeds, and the power it puts in the hands of users to define their own ways of filtering and acting on items that match their interests. By integrating RAPID Browser with Adobe publishing software and with third-party publishing systems.

RAPID Archive, integrated with RAPID Browser, provides strategic rich-media archiving for publishers who want to syndicate or share editorial content.

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