Anti-PowerPoint-Party Admitted to the National Election

By Poehm Seminarfactory, PRNE
Monday, August 15, 2011

ZURICH, Switzerland, August 16, 2011 -

- The International Anti-PowerPoint-movement is Admitted to the Swiss National Election in October

The APPP sees itself as the advocate of approximately 250 million citizens worldwide, who, every month, are obliged to be present during boring presentations.

Instead of the 400 necessary signatures, the APPP over-fulfilled the conditions for admission to the election with 805 signatures and thus will officially participate in the Swiss elections on October 23.

If 3% of the electorate will vote for the party, for the first time in history a deputy of the Anti-PowerPoint-Party will be sitting in a European national parliament. The frontrunner Matthias Poehm has been a public speaking trainer for 14 years and is a successful author.

APPP’s goal is to create better presentations on a large scale. Detailed techniques as to how to get there are penned in the book “The PowerPoint Fallacy”. It’s available in bookstores and is simultaneously the Party-Program. (ISBN 978-3-9523680-5-3)

Poehm says: “We do not only know what does not work, but we also know what does work. Actually one can convey even the driest topics in a way that people hang on to your every word. That’s why this book is our Party-Program.”

The website of the party already exists in 12 languages. Every citizen of the world, not only a Swiss, can become a proponent.

President Poehm says: “Almost everyone thinks it is about the speaker, not the tool. What we clearly ascertained is: It is the tool! If you compare Flip-Chart to PowerPoint you get in 95% of cases a drastically better lecture. With our participation in the election we want to direct attention to the topic. As there is a remedy, but nobody knows about it, and everybody continues suffering in ignorance.”

Antonet Rrasi


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