ARUP Laboratories Ink Partnership to Offer deCODE ProstateCancer(TM) Test

By Decode Genetics Inc Arup Laboratories, PRNE
Monday, July 19, 2010

U.S. Laboratories and Physicians Will be Able to use Their ARUP Accounts to Order deCODE's Test for Assessing Risk of Prostate Cancer

Reykjavik, ICELAND, and Salt Lake City, UTAH, July 20, 2010 - deCODE genetics and ARUP Laboratories today announced a partnership
through which ARUP will offer deCODE's DNA-based prostate cancer risk
assessment test to its clients nationwide.

Under the terms of the non-exclusive agreement, ARUP will integrate
deCODE ProstateCancer(TM) into the portfolio of tests it offers to leading
academic medical centers, public and private healthcare providers, and major
hospitals across the United States. ARUP's clients will order the test,
submit samples and receive results through ARUP, with deCODE conducting the
genetic analysis in its CAP and CLIA-certified laboratory.

deCODE ProstateCancer measures 25 common single-letter variations, or
SNPs, in the sequence of the human genome that are associated with the risk
of prostate cancer. These SNPs were validated in tens of thousands of
patients and controls in many populations. The risk conferred by these common
SNPs is independent of family history, and does not correlate with benign
prostatic hyperplasia (a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate). The test
can identify approximately 15% of men in the general population who are at
double the average risk of prostate cancer as well as 5% who have triple the
average risk. This test is complementary to standard clinical risk screening,
including PSA, providing additional information for a more complete and
personalized picture of individual risk to help doctors manage effective
screening and early-detection strategies.

"The management of patients with elevated or borderline PSA continues to
be a challenge, and having the additional knowledge of a patient's genetic
risk for prostate cancer can be very useful. We are pleased to be working
with deCODE, who has developed this test through a number of large clinical
studies and continues to demonstrate excellent scientific productivity in the
area of human genetics," said Edward Ashwood, MD, President and CEO of ARUP

"We are excited to be partnering with ARUP to increase the availability
of our prostate cancer test to physicians and their patients. The quality and
breadth of their services, and their range of customers across the healthcare
spectrum, make them an excellent partner. Our test helps to meet the need for
improved risk stratification and patient outcomes, and we believe that this
alliance will make these benefits available to a greater number of patients,"
said Kari Stefansson, Executive Chairman and President of Research at deCODE.

ARUP Laboratories plans to begin offering deCODE's prostate cancer risk
test (ARUP test code 2003326) to clients in the fall of 2010.

About deCODE

Headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, deCODE genetics is a global leader
in analyzing and understanding the human genome. Using its unique expertise
and population resources, deCODE has discovered key genetic risk factors for
dozens of common diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to cancer.
deCODE employs its capabilities to develop DNA-based tests and personal
genome scans to better understand individual risk and empower prevention. It
also licenses its tests, intellectual property and analytical tools to
partners, and provides comprehensive genotyping, sequencing and data analysis
services to companies and research institutions around the globe. Through its
CLIA- and CAP-certified laboratory deCODE offers DNA-based tests for gauging
risk and empowering prevention of common diseases, including deCODE T2(TM)
for type 2 diabetes; deCODE AF(TM) for atrial fibrillation and stroke; deCODE
MI(TM) for heart attack; deCODE ProstateCancer(TM) for prostate cancer;
deCODE Glaucoma(TM) for a major type of glaucoma; and deCODE BreastCancer,
for the common forms of breast cancer. Through its pioneering personal genome
analysis service deCODEme(TM), deCODE enables individuals to better
understand their risk of dozens of common diseases and to learn about their
ancestry and other traits. Visit us on the web at; at; at; and on our blog

About ARUP Laboratories

Founded in 1984, ARUP Laboratories is a leading national reference
laboratory and an enterprise of the University of Utah and its Department of
Pathology. ARUP offers more than 2,000 tests and test combinations, ranging
from routine screening tests to esoteric molecular and genetic assays. ARUP
serves clients across the United States, including many of the nation's top
university teaching hospitals and children's hospitals, as well as
multihospital groups, major commercial laboratories, group purchasing
organizations, military and other government facilities, and major clinics.
In addition, ARUP is a worldwide leader in innovative laboratory research and
development, led by the efforts of the ARUP Institute for Clinical and
Experimental Pathology(R).

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