ASICS Opens its Ultra-Modern Flagship Store in Amsterdam

By Asics Europe B.v, PRNE
Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Unique Store Concept Right Next to the City's Most Famous Running Spot

HOOFDDORP, The Netherlands, January 31, 2011 - The new ASICS Flagship Store Amsterdam is more than just a retail outlet
as it offers runners several exclusive services and is the first European
site to offer the ASICS Running Lab concept to consumers. Developed by the
ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Kobe (Japan), this service has, so far,
only been available to professional athletes. The store is now partially open
but will be fully operational, with all departments open to the public, at
the beginning of March. Olympic marathon champion Constantina Dita enjoyed an
exclusive tour around the store today.

Visitors to the store have been able to benefit from the ASICS FOOT ID
system and the ASICS retail area since December 2010. The ASICS Running Lab
and Running Club will be up and running as of March 2011.

The location of this unique performance store on the Stadhouderskade -
next to the city's running centre, the Vondelpark - is by no means
coincidental. In addition to showcasing ASICS' entire running collection and
selected products from ASICS' other sports performance categories, this 600m2
store is equipped with the most advanced biomechanical and running analysis
systems. It also offers runners various exclusive facilities such as the
ASICS Running Lab, FOOT ID and Running Club.

Running Lab

In the ultra-modern ASICS Running Lab, runners can benefit from numerous
extensive body analyses that will lead to advice on how to help improve one's
running ability and gait. These analyses include foot shape, leg alignment,
running technique, muscle strength, and endurance (aerobic fitness).


ASICS FOOT ID is a high-tech system that combines static and dynamic
measurements to ensure customers select the correct shoes for their
individual biomechanical profile.

Running Club

To support runners further, an ASICS Running Club offers members Running
Clinics and exclusive changing room facilities that include lockers, showers
and a towel service.

Interior Design

Overall, the store represents ASICS' 'sound mind, sound body' philosophy.
A unique concept in its own right, the store's unparalleled retail experience
will be further enhanced by its spectacular interior design. The FOOT ID and
Running Lab form a two-storey structure in the centre of the store. Echoing
the brand's DNA, this futuristic, metal frame and glass construction connects
the store's different areas around a technological 'heart'.

Alistair Cameron, President and COO of ASICS Europe B.V. says: "ASICS is
the world leader in performance running, and this new store underlines our
position as the market leader. With this unique concept, we are now able to
bring the cutting-edge facilities of our renowned Institute of Sport Science
in Kobe to our customers in Amsterdam, transforming them into a consumer
experience that will further strengthen our unique customer loyalty. This is
exactly what ASICS stands for: innovation, science and true sport."

Fernando Pina Mulas, Head of Retail at ASICS Europe B.V. says: "The ASICS
Flagship Store in Amsterdam is more than a store. The services we are
offering here, such as the professional Running LAB or the Running Club, are
unique. It will offer the full ASICS running experience and help us build a
strong relationship with our customers. We believe that the success of this
store will lead to more ASICS stores opening in major European capitals."

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