Astea Launches Alliance Mobile Universal to Deliver Enterprise Functionality Optimized for the Latest Devices Such as Android, iPhone, and iPad

By Astea International Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, July 5, 2011

HORSHAM, Pennsylvania, July 6, 2011 -

- Intuitive and
Streamlined Interface; Ability to Work Connected and Disconnected;
and Scalable to Thousands of Technicians; are just some of the
compelling components of Astea’s newest mobility solution

Astea International Inc. (NASDAQ: ATEA), a global provider of
service lifecycle management and mobility solutions, has introduced
a new version of the industry’s most robust mobile solution,
Alliance Mobile Universal, for service organizations. This new
addition to Astea’s Alliance Mobility Suite leverages the latest
HTML5 technology to deliver a sleek and innovative user interface
while still providing the ability for mobile workers to continue
working whether they are in or out of wireless coverage. With the
ability to operate with the latest devices in the market including
Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, and iPads, organizations
can choose the device that works best for their environment and
still be able to leverage the most powerful mobile solution
designed specifically for the way field technicians work.

Astea’s Alliance Mobility Suite consists of Alliance Mobile
Select, which is Astea’s original mobile solution supporting
Windows Mobile devices and Windows laptops, and the newest
addition, Alliance Mobile Universal. Astea’s mobility solutions are
already empowering over 20,000 technicians, in a multitude of
industries, with real-time access to the information they need,
when and where they need it, to eliminate inefficiency, enhance
customer service, and improve service revenues. With Alliance
Mobile Universal, organizations can leverage a proven and feature
rich solution without compromising functionality to ensure optimal
results and achieve a compelling return on investment.

“We are very pleased to announce the newest addition, Alliance
Mobile Universal, to our premier suite of mobility solutions. We
recognize that the proliferation of devices on the market continues
to grow at an accelerated rate and our goal was to make it as easy
as possible for our customers to work with the device of their
choice but still be able to leverage a feature-rich, robust
mobility solution to drive the business benefits they are looking
to achieve,” said Zack Bergreen, CEO of Astea International. “Our
mobility solutions are built with the field technician in mind. Our
new device agnostic release takes innovation and user interaction
to the next level. When deployed with our other solution modules in
conjunction with tapping into our unparalleled resources of
industry domain experts, we can offer organizations a value
proposition unlike any other solution provider in the service
management market today.”

From the initial customer call to the closing of work orders,
customer invoicing and product replacement, every step in the
service lifecycle process represents an opportunity for improving
customer satisfaction, reducing costs and increasing revenues. In
order to deliver world class service, organizations need seamless
continuity and visibility of every interaction with the customer.
Critical customer information must be shared and instantly
available to everyone in the organization that touches that
customer. With Astea’s Mobility Suite, a technician’s daily
workflow becomes automated and streamlined. Field service
technicians’ days are transformed by receiving work orders which
are automatically pushed to the device, being able to view asset
and service history, receiving step-by-step guidance to complete
the job, capturing customer signature and completing work orders
for invoicing. Astea’s Mobility suite enables technicians to manage
their own schedules as well as track time and expenses in the field
while keeping the home office updated in real time.  Field
technicians can post parts used against the work order, request
parts if they are not in van stock, track their van stock, receive
inventory and ship parts back to the warehouse or depot for closed
loop tracking of returns and vendor claims. Instant messaging makes
it easy for a field service engineer to stay connected and make
sure that he/she gets everything necessary to deliver outstanding
service. These capabilities are just a fraction of the robust
features that are offered with Astea’s mobility solutions.

“In research conducted earlier this year, more than two-thirds
of field service organizations polled indicated that they were
looking for increased mobility to fight off productivity and
utilization challenges,” stated Sumair Dutta, senior analyst at the
Aberdeen Group. “As organizations sift through the ever increasing
options for devices and operating environments, those that are
Best-in-Class are focused on fostering a collaborative and scalable
mobile strategy that stresses the integration of field information
with enterprise systems and applications.”

Astea is the only solution provider that offers all cornerstones
of service lifecycle management: customer management; service
management; asset management; forward and reverse logistics
management; and mobile workforce management with enhanced
scheduling optimization. Astea’s solutions are seamlessly
orchestrated to share and leverage information throughout the
service lifecycle — removing the traditional barriers between the
field and back office. With Astea Alliance companies can introduce
one module at a time or deploy a seamless information backbone
across the entire service lifecycle continuum, thereby eliminating
the patchwork of disparate systems that can hamper a company’s
ability to provide best-in-class service.

Astea works with hundreds of companies worldwide, maximizing the
value of an organization’s service operation by optimizing critical
business processes across the globe. The company can be reached at

About Astea International

Astea International (NASDAQ: ATEA) is a global provider of
software solutions that offer all the cornerstones of service
lifecycle management, including customer management, service
management, asset management, forward and reverse logistics
management and mobile workforce management and optimization.
Astea’s solutions link processes, people, parts, and data to
empower companies and provide the agility they need to achieve
sustainable value in less time, and successfully compete in a
global economy. Since 1979, Astea has been helping more than 600
companies drive even higher levels of customer satisfaction with
faster response times and proactive communication, creating a
seamless, consistent and highly personalized experience at every
customer relationship touch point.
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