Aviat Networks Launches Next-Generation Carrier Ethernet Switch Module for Eclipse Packet Node

By Aviat Networks Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Commences first shipments of its new DAC GE3 Gigabit Ethernet switch to tier-1 European and North American operators

SANTA CLARA, California, December 16, 2010 - Aviat Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: AVNW), a leading wireless expert in
advanced IP migration solutions, today announced the release of its DAC GE3
module and confirmed delivery of first shipments to multiple leading mobile
network operators and other early access customers. The DAC GE3 provides the
most advanced Carrier Ethernet switch subsystem available in a microwave
backhaul platform today. Featuring higher capacity and an impressive breadth
of new capabilities, this third-generation design sets a new benchmark for
resilient wireless access and aggregation networks:

    - To ensure and protect the QoS of real-time traffic while guaranteeing
      adequate bandwidth for best effort traffic, a fully configurable Strict
      Priority (SP) and Deficit Weighted Round Robin (DWRR) hybrid scheduler
      with eight hardware transmission queues is employed. Prioritization of
      traffic can be enabled at the physical, data link, MPLS, or IP network
      layer, and a proprietary dynamic shaping algorithm instantly adapts the
      switch to the bandwidth variations of Adaptive Coding and Modulation
      (ACM) microwave links.
    - With multiple synchronization schemes for IP networks on the market,
      the DAC GE3 card has been tested along with equipment from other
      vendors at the European Advanced Testing Center and Carrier Ethernet
      World Congress in 2010. In these tests, the viability of Synchronous
      Ethernet and IP microwave technologies were determined together for
      their suitability in 4G/LTE backhaul applications. The DAC GE3 is
      designed to support synchronization through multiple input methods,
      Stratum 3 level holdover, and propagation of the signal via the Eclipse
      Distributed Sync(TM) feature.
    - Carrier grade packet buffers and an extended number of ports and
      transport channels provide the ability to act as a traffic concentrator
      for purposes of aggregation, and offer superior performance in handling
      the transport of excessively bursty traffic.
    - Support for bi-directional 1+1 protection switching provides high
      availability and service continuity for mission-critical applications
      with no single point of failure present in the system.
    - Additional Carrier Ethernet features including an integrated Service
      OAM MEP (Operation, Administration & Maintenance End Point), Link
      Aggregation (LAG), and ring protection mechanisms are scheduled to be
      released in early 2011 via software upgrade.

"Initial customer interest in the DAC GE3 has far exceeded our
expectations," said Shaun McFall, senior vice-president and chief marketing
officer of Aviat Networks. "It has been extremely well received by customers
who have evaluated it, including tier-1 national carriers."

As a plug-in module to the Eclipse Packet Node modular indoor unit, the
DAC GE3 builds on Aviat Networks' field-proven experience and leadership in
delivering versatile and scalable Hybrid and all-Packet microwave backhaul
solutions since the introduction of the Eclipse nodal wireless system in
2004. It provides a seamless upgrade for operators around the world who have
already deployed Eclipse, and a high-performance solution for the eventual
migration to an all-IP 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) network infrastructure.

About Aviat Networks

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