Barcelona FC Inaugurates a New XICS in Burkina Faso to Offer Comprehensive Attention to More Than 100 Children

By Futbol Club Barcelona, PRNE
Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Barcelona FC Foundation Already has 12 Support Centres, With a Presence in 10 Countries and 4 Continents.

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso, November 16 - The president of Barcelona FC, Joan Laporta, together with a wide
representation of the club's board of directors, has inaugurated a new
support centre (XICS) today in Ouagadougou, the capital of
Burkina Faso, that will provide vitally important help for the area's poor
children. By doing this, the Barcelona FC Foundation will be contributing to
the alleviation of the devastating effects that the summer floods have had in
the African country.

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The XICS is located in the Bogodogo neighbourhood, an area where low
income families live, with little economic solvency, high rates of illiteracy
and a lack of schooling among children and adults. This neighbourhood was
one of the worst affected by the torrential rains last September. The support
centre, which began operations in October, covers a total area of 22,830 m2,
of which 5,397 m2 have been built on. The Burkina Faso XICS consists of 3
wings, a library, a kitchen, 5 offices, a sanitation area with showers, an
all-purpose room, washrooms and an all-purpose sports area of 17,433 m2. It
will be managed by a team of 13 people, among them social workers, teachers,
sports presenters and a cook with an assistant.

In doing this, the Barcelona FC Foundation, which has invested close to
200,000 Euros in the Burkina Faso XICS, expands its support network and now
has 12 XICS centres around the world, with a presence in 10 countries and 4
continents: Catalonia, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Brazil, India
- with two centres, Mexico - with two centres, Malawi and Ecuador. All of
them receive the assistance of local organisations and authorities that help
a total of 10,000 children around the world.

The XICS centres form a part of the proprietary programmes that, together
with the Sport Solidarity Conferences, drive the Barcelona FC Foundation with
the objective of promoting solidarity and cooperation, through sport, among
the most disadvantaged.

This activity is all reinforced with a secondary line of action based on
collaborative programmes with the United Nations through pioneering alliances
with UNICEF, UNESCO and UNHCR. Since 2006, the Barcelona FC Foundation has
helped more than 120,000 children all over the world.

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