Bavaria City Racing Moscow Forms Basis to Moscow Grand Prix 2012

By Bavaria N.v., PRNE
Saturday, July 17, 2010

MOSCOW, July 18, 2010 - The Moscow government is preparing a Formula 1 Grand Prix in
the streets of Moscow for 2012. That was announced today by Mr. Vladimir
, representative of the Moscow Government, during a press conference
held at the 3rd edition of the Bavaria Moscow City Racing. The engineering
company Tilke, specialist in race tracks, is working on the design. The
Moscow circuit will be the fastest street track in Formula 1, with speeds up
to 320 km/hour.

Bavaria City Racing Moscow has evolved into a big public event
over the last three years. Despite the high temperatures in Moscow this year,
a record number of spectators was counted. The first edition in 2008 had some
10,000s of spectators. Last year, the Moscow police counted a little over
100,000 people and this year over 200,000 spectators visited the race track.
On the back of that, some 600 international journalists and camera teams were
present in the Russian capital.

Bavaria board member Peer Swinkels thanked all partners during
the press conference, the city of Moscow, Independent Media and the Formula 1
teams, for their support in organizing Bavaria City Racing Moscow. "We have
started three years ago with organizing this event in Moscow. Today's
popularity demonstrates that the city is ready for the next step. We are
proud of having been able to contribute in preparing Moscow for the first
Grand Prix ever held here. That is our biggest reward. We are already looking
forward to next year's edition."

Also, Derk Sauer, director of Bavaria City Racing Moscow, was
pleased with Mr Makarov's plans. "A city like Moscow deserves its own Grand
Prix. The contracts have not been signed yet, but a major step has been

Today, Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button drove his
McLaren Mercedes with speeds over 200 km/hr through the Moscow city center.
He told the media: "I consider it a privilege to drive my Formula 1 car
through the city center of Moscow. This is not work, but pure fun." Also,
Vitaly Petrov burned some of the rubber tires of his Renault in the streets
of Moscow. Petrov is the first Russian Formula 1 driver ever.

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