Bestweddingaway Launches New Destination Wedding Site

By Bestweddingaway, PRNE
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

COSTERMANO, Italy, August 11, 2010 - Bestweddingaway has announced the launch of its new UK website which is
designed to assist couples who are looking to have their wedding in Italy.

Bestweddingaway is a specialist in organising weddings in Italy
( and the new site forms
part of agency's continuing plans to introduce highly innovative services to
the sector, to make it easier for couples to plan their ideal day.

According to Mintel one in six UK weddings now take place abroad, this is
a 43% increase since 2003 and is constantly growing. It is no surprise that
by 2013 it is predicted that the destination wedding market in the UK will
have increased by 28.2%. Outside of the UK, this increase has also been
particularly notable in countries such as the USA, Germany, Holland, Ireland
and others.

Bestweddingaway's Web Project Destination Wedding Planner
( is an online program that couples can
access to keep updated with everything that is happening with their wedding.
Couples are reminded of when documents need to be sent to the agency and can
also get tips and deadlines to help them make the most out of the preparation

Organising a wedding can be stressful, at home or abroad, director of
Bestweddingaway, Roberto Benetello said, "What many people do not realise is
the amount of deadlines there are to meet. Our Web Project Planner breaks
everything down for the couples into manageable pieces. Couples have to deal
with one decision at a time and are able to prioritise effectively."

Roberto Benetello continued, "With a wedding at home the bride and groom
do not need to think too much about notifying the guests about every detail.
However, destination weddings require keeping guests informed on how to get
to the location, where they can stay and transfers to the hotel. What we have
created is, a website personalised by the couple and
managed by us that informs the guests of everything they need to know."

Information available includes - accommodation situated close to the
wedding location, transfers, the nearest airports, excursions and activities
in the area. The website also allows for an introduction to be provided which
is written by the couple talking about how they met, and includes any little
anecdotes and stories that they want to throw in. The couple can also have
links to their wedding list and any other sites which are useful to the
overall information required by the guests.

Bestweddingaway has classified its locations as Wedding Moods
( creating an atmosphere
evoked by the local scenery such as Verona, Lake Garda and Alto Adige. Each
region, city or area has something different to offer. The local council of
Verona has created various locations around Verona as backdrops to the civil
ceremony, also using Juliet's house and tomb as themes. Unique settings
surrounding Alto Adige are the Bavarian influenced castles with snow-capped
mountains. The magical waterways and palaces of Venice are surprisingly
accessible settings even for couples worried about costs.

Roberto Benetello concluded, "At Bestweddingaway, when it come to
organising a wedding in Italy for foreign couples, we understand the
importance of offering a service which is easily accessible, rigorous in its
attention to detail, and transparent. Qualifying and understanding the needs
of individual couples and their wedding parties are paramount to making the
day a successful one."

About Bestweddingaway

Bestweddingaway is a wedding planning agency
( that organises weddings for
foreigners in Italy. The company's role is to assist and where requested
advise couples on everything from their logistical needs through to their
aesthetic wishes. Whether a couple just needs to choose the best wedding
locations in Italy ( for
their ceremony or they need help choosing the wine to have with their meal,
the Bestweddingaway team and partners are there to help develop their wedding
ideas and make wishes become a reality.

    Bestweddingaway media contact:
    Carla Crivaro
    Bestweddingaway SRL
    Piazza G. B. Ferrario 7/C
    37010 Costermano (VR)

Bestweddingaway media contact: Carla Crivaro, Bestweddingaway SRL, Piazza G. B. Ferrario 7/C, 37010 Costermano (VR), Italy, +39-045-2476542

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