Baloch Day Celebrated in the European Parliament

By Office Of The Mep Ryszard Czarnecki, PRNE
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BRUSSELS, August 11, 2010 - Today the Members of the Baloch Forum in the European Parliament hosted a
dinner with the Baloch leaders from Balochistan. Chairman Mr. Ryszard
, MEP, hosted the event with a presence of MEPs and a representative
from Balochistan, Mr. Mehran Baloch.

The event started with a minute's silence for deceased activists. Mr.
Mehran Baloch commended the Baloch patriots for sacrificing their lives in
pursuit of the liberation of Balochistan.

His father has always been steadfast in his aspirations for the
restoration of a sovereign and independent Balochistan.

Keeping in mind the fact that Pakistan's true nature is being revealed to
the world day by day, the Baloch patriots, nationalists and Human right
activists are very optimistic about the fate of Balochistan. Indeed,
activists hope that this nation's days are numbered, because it seems
unlikely that the international community will tolerate Pakistan the way its
neighbors have for the past 65 years.

Mr. Czarnecki, thanked Mr Mehran Baluch and promised their support for
supporting human rights issues and in the future to hold and International
Conference on Balochistan. And further emphasized that 11th August shall be
considered in the European Parliament as an official Baloch Day.

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