Bigpoint MMO Utilizes Microsoft Silverlight to Bring Unprecedented Quality to Browser-Based Gaming

By Bigpoint Gmbh, PRNE
Monday, September 20, 2010

Stylized Graphics and Strategic Gameplay Combine to Deliver Unique, Massively Multiplayer Online WWII Title

HAMBURG, September 21, 2010 - Bigpoint GmbH ( - a worldwide leader in
browser-based video games - today announced the global launch of WARSTORY -
Europe in Flames (, one of the world's first
massively multiplayer, browser-based video game powered by Microsoft
Silverlight. Silverlight is a development platform that delivers applications
with cutting-edge graphics and interactivity across multiple browsers,
devices, and operating systems.

"Bigpoint's leadership stems from our willingness to support innovative
technologies that improve the quality of graphics and game play in browser
games," said Heiko Hubertz, CEO, Bigpoint. "Being early to market with a
multiplayer title that takes advantage of the wide range of features and
capabilities in Silverlight was a major factor in our decision to license and
add this game to our global network."

"Microsoft is pleased that video game companies such as Bigpoint are
taking advantage of the rich features and capabilities in Silverlight to
build state-of-the-art video games for the Web," said Brad Becker, director
of Rich Client Platforms and Tools, Microsoft Corp. "This compelling game
opens the door for users to experience the high-definition, interactive
capabilities of Silverlight in an entirely new way."

Bigpoint, which has more than 140 million registered users in its global
network, licensed WARSTORY - Europe in Flames from Chimera Entertainment, a
digital entertainment studio based in Munich.

"With Silverlight we've found the perfect technology to bring
the vision of our game to life," said Hendrik Lesser, CEO, Chimera
Entertainment. "We were able to employ a similar development environment for
this browser game as we were used to for classic PC games. The efficient
tools and the early support from Microsoft have truly assisted us in our
work. We are very pleased that Bigpoint is joining us in utilizing this new

WARSTORY - Europe in Flames is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer
strategy game set during World War II. Players join one of the allied armies
and command a company of soldiers and vehicles, which grows in size,
strength, and capabilities as the game progresses. The main objective of the
game is to march your forces across Europe and defeat the Axis powers. Large
scale multiplayer battles are designed to last several days, which lead to an
epic fight in Berlin to decide the fate of the world.

Per the agreement, Bigpoint has global exclusive rights to distribute and
market the game. Like all Bigpoint titles, WARSTORY - Europe in Flames is
completely free-to-play. Bigpoint plans to release additional games built
atop the Silverlight platform in early 2011.

Further information, screenshots, trailer and more at:

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Germany Contact, Bigpoint GmbH, Rene Hamann, Public Relations Manager, Tel.: +49(0)40-881-413-183, E-mail: r.hamann at; U.S. Contact, Bigpoint Inc., Alan Dunton, Public Relations Director, Tel: +1-415-821-8107, E-mail: a.dunton at

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