Blancco v4.10 Latest Approval as HMG Infosec Product

By Blancco Uk Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LONDON, October 7, 2010 - Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and complete lifecycle
solutions, today announced that CESG (part of the UK Government
Communications Headquarters) has approved the latest version of Blancco's
data erasure software, HMG v4.10. Blancco is proud to announce that it has
met all of the criteria for secure erasure of magnetic media in accordance
with HMG Infosec standards up to IL6.Following independent testing carried
out by QinetiQ under contract to CESG, the latest version of Blancco has been
formally approved for government use to securely erase protectively marked
data. Furthermore, Blancco HMG v4.10 client erasure software has been duly
added to the CESG Directory of Infosec Assured Products.

According to Daniel Smith, Country Manager of Blancco UK, "Blancco is
delighted to enhance and re-affirm its claim as the world's most certified
data erasure software. Following our certification from CESG in 2003, 2006
and 2008, this latest approval in 2010 shows our continuing development of
Government-approved software, and our ongoing investment to offer our clients
the most current and comprehensive industry solution available."

"As the IT market continues to develop new Hard Disk-based technologies,
Blancco is pleased to offer a solution which remains in step with its
clients' needs. Blancco recognises that the use of data erasure software is
changing; from being previously seen as an end of life, to a 'total
lifecycle' requirement. In these times of austerity, Blancco can provide a
secure solution for re-deployment, warranty return (where previously
destruction was the only option), charitable donations, staff purchase and
much more. This in turn allows for residual value generation and promotes
positive impacts on the environment when compared to poor alternatives for
functioning hard drives, such as physical destruction."

About Blancco

Blancco is the proven data erasure solution for millions of users around
the globe. As the global leader in data erasure and complete lifecycle
solutions, Blancco offers the most certified data erasure solutions within
the industry. The company serves users across a wide range of industries,
including banking, finance, government and defense, as well as IT Asset
Disposal professionals. Blancco operates from an extensive network of
international offices and partners across Europe, North America, Asia, and
Australasia. More information is available at

About CESG

CESG is the Information Assurance (IA) arm of GCHQ and are based in
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. CESG are the UK Government's National
Technical Authority for IA, more information is available online at

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