Blinds UK - The First Website to Offer Information and Child Safety Mechanisms

By Blinds Uk, PRNE
Thursday, May 20, 2010

ST ALBANS, England, May 21, 2010 - Blinds UK introduces information and child safety mechanisms for its
products for the first time, being the first UK online shop to provide
customers with data as well as solutions meant to make blinds safer.

Well known for delivering customers with affordable window treatments but
with quality information on all its products as well, is an
online retailer which has been active industry for numerous years.

Child safety is an issue of major concern for homeowners and thus for the
manufacturers in the blinds industry as well. That is why, in an effort to
provide customers with safer window coverings, they have come up with safety
mechanisms which are either integrated in the structure of the blinds or as
additional products which are to be used in conjunction with them. Roller
blinds are usually controlled with the use of a chain which posed the risk of
accidental strangulation as the chain often forms a loop. The same is true
for with wooden blinds in Venetian format as well as vertical blinds. They
are cord operated window treatments which are often considered dangerous to
use in rooms with toddlers. But thanks to the technological advances in the
industry, roller blinds ( can now
be found with a spring operation system but can also be made safer when
operated through a chain with the addition of an easy break chain connector.
Venetian wooden blinds ( can be used
in rooms with children in combination with a cord cleat while verticals are
usually a safe choice when a tie down clip is installed next to the blind.

After these safety solutions have been offered to the general public,
Blinds UK ( was the first UK website
to integrate a child safety section for most of its products. Here, customers
can now find more information on general recommendations as issued by the
British Blinds and Shutters Association as well as special mechanisms which
are offered as a default on ordering or which can be purchased separately,
all in an effort to ensure that each customers is not only well informed on
the risks but on measures they can take to diminish the risks.

A blinds retailer present in the online environment for years, is the first website to offer customers detailed information in
child safety related issues as well as mechanisms they can use on their
blinds to make them a safer choice for households with toddlers or other
vulnerable persons aiming to provide a complete shopping experience.

Blinds UK, +44(0)1727-837-001

Blinds UK, +44(0)1727-837-001

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