Bond No. 9 High Line - The Scent of Wildflowers, Green Grasses … and Urban Renewal

By Bond No. 9, PRNE
Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Heads-Up for the World's First Railroad Perfume

NEW YORK, February 25, 2010 - Since when do new neighborhoods arise in New York? Hardly ever. After
all, this city is already jam-packed with just about every kind of community
imaginable. So when a new part of town appears, you can be sure we're in for
something completely different. Like our latest and most dynamic
neighborhood, the High Line — which serves as the subject of Bond No. 9's
Spring 2010 eau de parfum. An improbable aerial walkway lined with concrete
planks and railroad tracks, landscaped with meadows, wetlands, and
wildflowers, the High Line hovers 30 feet above street level as it meanders
along its route from the Meatpacking District to the former 34th Street rail
yards — sometimes bridging its way through buildings along the way.

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We at Bond No. 9, purveyors of New York neighborhood fragrances, have
long been enamored of the High Line and its perfume possibilities. A scent
that conveys a whiff of urban wildflowers and a hint of industrial grit, with
bits of Tenth Avenue energy and Chelsea gallery style added to the mix –
this intrigued us. So we set about creating Bond No. 9 High Line.

The result is an androgynous floral-marine bouquet, contrasting the hardy
flowers and greens that grow along the High Line's route with intriguing
notes from far away. The scent starts off with a prairie grazing weed –
purple love grass — mixed with citrusy bergamot and zesty Indian rhubarb.
The perfume's floral heart is red-leaf rose, Lady Jane tulips, and grape
hyacinth. Its lingering base notes combine bur oak — from the sheltering
tree that thrives here — with imported sea moss, to evoke the Hudson River's
proximity, along with musk and teakwood, to remind us that Bond No. 9 High
Line is a metro-perfume.

Bond No. 9 has joined forces with and became sponsors of Friends of the
High Line.

Appearing on-counter in March 2010, Bond No. 9 High Line will be sold at
our four New York stores, Saks Fifth Avenue and For
International sales outside New York please visit

Launch date: March 2010

Suggested Retail Price: US$220 for 100ml; US$145 for 50ml

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