Britain Can't Afford Another GBP3.5 Billion Lost to Snow Disruption, Advises Video Conferencing Provider VC-NET

By Vc-net, PRNE
Thursday, November 25, 2010

Plan Ahead and Avoid Snow Disruption

LONDON, November 26, 2010 - Last year's snow in Britain caused so much disruption to travel and
therefore businesses, with estimates as high as GBP3.5 billion. Typically
London grinds to a halt and over one in five workers takes a day off. Still
caught in the depths of a recession, the country can't afford to be caught
out by another bout of snow disruption. And given the availability of pay as
you go, affordable, HD quality video conferencing, there is still time to

VC-NET - - the video conferencing, network and
managed services specialist, is advising businesses to consider a pay as you
go videoconferencing solution for as little as GBP35 per month.

VC-NET Executive Chairman, Chris Wade, explains: "Britain can't afford
another GBP3.5 billion lost to snow disruption and we shouldn't need to!
Video conferencing technologies have progressed significantly and are now a
real, viable alternative to face to face meetings - a perfect solution for
business continuity over what experts are predicting will be a harsh winter."

Businesses are realising that video conferencing is an essential business
service that is easily outsourced in the same way that you outsource your
payroll services. For example, VC-NET can take an existing, or newly
purchased video system and register it to their Booked or Reservationless
bridging service. This gives the customer self service or assisted bridged
calls, to an unlimited number of endpoints.

Video conferencing is now suitable for board meetings, C level meetings,
global recruitment, education and collaboration across all industries -
removing travel down time and travel costs. Furthermore, because VC-NET is
accredited with all market leading video equipment manufacturers, it can
create the best possible video conference solution for customers.

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For more information contact VC-net's UK Press Office: Katie King -
Email: Tel: +44(0)1892-520123 or +44(0)7525-727288 Twitter
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For more information contact VC-net's UK Press Office: Katie King - Email: katie at Tel: +44(0)1892-520123 or +44(0)7525-727288 Twitter - at katieeking

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