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Sunday, September 25, 2011

MADRID, September 26, 2011 -

Promote Food Culture

The first Beijing International Cuisine Competition (BICC) will take place at the Olympic Stadium, the Bird’s Nest, June 18-20, 2012. It includes the sixth Chinese chefs competition which has been organized by the East Eat Group every two years since 2001.

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The President of the Jury of Judges is Chef Da Dong.

The main guiding partners of the event are:

 - The Beijing Municipal People’s Government.

 - The Beijing Municipal Commission of the Olympic Park Management.

The event will include several hightlights:

-The opening Gala Dinner at the Bird’s Nest Restaurant on June 18, 2012,in the former VIP area of the Olympic Stadium, with its terrace inside the stadium. It will be magical.

-The magnificent Closing Ceremony on June 20, 2012 in grand Chinese style with the Awards for the winners.

-The Chinese chefs competition in the eight styles of cookery of China will be a highly exciting, colourful and entertaining event. It will be the sixth National competition.

-The Western Chefs demonstrations and competition will be a cultural bridge, attracting strong interest from both professionals and the numerous public. For instance, a team of 12 Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF) will be present, led by President Gérard Rapp and VP Guy Etchegoinberry.

-The Arab and Middle East food competition, with Chef Ramzi as the Head Judge.

-An International forum will share conferences, round tables tastings and presentations, for trends, new products, and cultural international exchange.

As the Commissioner for Tourism of Beijing said at the launch, BICC is part of the activities of China to share with the world the cultural value of the thousands of years of Chinese cookery. After France, China wants UNESCO recognition for the Chinese table.

Respect for Chefs will attract the young and help  transmit culinary culture through the generations.  Cookery will be honored at the Birds Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing in 2012.

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