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By Gourmand Books, PRNE
Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charity is the New World Wide Trend for Cookbooks

MADRID, October 29, 2010 - Americans have been used to Fund Raising and Community Cookbooks for over
a century. It is only in very recent years that it has become a worldwide
trend, from Argentina with the "Cookbook of the Mothers of the Plaza de
Mayo", to the "Bhutan Foundation Cookbook".

www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20100914/408447 )

The first international exhibition of Charity Cookbooks will take place
at Paris Cookbook Fair, March 3-6, 2011. The catalogue is being prepared now,
and there are already 92 countries listed.

The appeal is universal, and it does work. Breasts Friends Cookbooks have
raised over 1 million dollars for breast cancer in Canada in very few years.
Blogaid cookbooks contributed 47.166 dollars for Haiti in 3 weeks in 2010. In
Malaysia, Chef Wan sold 150.000 copies of his Avon Charity cookbook, in 2008.

Actually nearly all Charity Cookbooks sell below 10.000 copies in America
and around the world, and less than 1000 in Honduras or Kenya. They are
successful within the community that helped publish the book, but usually
have with little appeal outside of it. Nonetheless some have universal
appeal, such as Prince Charles' Trust "Celebrity Cookbook" (October 2010), or
"Ingredients for Peace" (2009) by the Nobel Women's Initiative.

The causes listed in the exhibition's catalogue are a reflection of the
ranking of today's preoccupation around the world:

    Health         20%             Churches         4%
    Community      19%             Homeless         3%
    Children       17%             Literacy         3%
    Development    12%             Animals          2%
    Hunger         7 %             Jails            1%
    Disaster        5%             Environment      1%
    Peace           4%             Others           2%

Hunger was the cause for the first Charity Cookbook, published in 1847
for the Great Irish Famine by Chef Alexis Soyer. He was the first real
celebrity chef, and a heroe, feeding up to 26.000 people per day in Dublin.

The international Exhibition of Charity cookbooks, commemorates the 200th
anniversary of the birth of Alexis Soyer, born in France in 1810. He became
famous in Britain, where he was buried in 1858.

There is still time to send Charity, Community and other Fund Raising
Cookbooks to be exhibited, and it is free.


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