Children are the UK’s Biggest Distraction to Drivers

By Red Driving School, PRNE
Sunday, October 30, 2011

LONDON, October 31, 2011 -

A recent survey conducted by RED Driving School has revealed that having children in the car is the biggest distraction for UK drivers with a whopping 31% of drivers being most distracted by squabbling offspring.

Comments from backseat drivers come a close second for a huge 28% of drivers.

Unsurprisingly more 35-44 year olds are distracted by children onboard whereas our younger drivers (aged 18-24 at 34%), and over 55’s cite those unhelpful comments from backseat drivers as most distracting.

Mobile phones are the third most distracting things for UK drivers, but this means a worrying 20% of drivers don’t insist on mobile phones being switched off while driving.

Dominic Cohen, RED Driving School states, ‘There will always be distractions while driving, but it is important for the drivers to learn to avoid or reduce as many of these elements as they can, not only while learning to drive but after they’ve passed their test.  As well as teaching basic driving skills, we are committed to teaching road safety education to all of our pupils enabling them to understand the road and its potential dangers.’

Cohen continues, ‘The results of this survey underline just how important greater awareness of road safety is.  Our Road Safety Team is currently out and about throughout the UK to help those currently undertaking driving lessons and those who’ve already past their test, with a reminder of road safety and awareness skills.’

Other distractions include loud music being played at 13% and the driver or passenger smoking being the least popular overall at 4%.  

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