Children Spend Millions in Unauthorised Spree

By Cpp, PRNE
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kids Rack up Millions Using Parents' Accounts

YORK, England, December 15, 2010 - Children are spending GBP64 million (1) online a year without their
parents' knowledge, putting the adults at risk of card fraud.

A new study commissioned by life assistance company CPP ( reveals that one in seven online purchases made by
British kids aged 7-16 are done behind their mums and dads' back.

Two thirds of kids are now hitting the cyber streets, annually spending
GBP448 million (2) and eight in ten use their parents' bank cards, online
accounts and paypal. It is time that parents woke up to the risks of letting
their children shop unsupervised on the internet. With three quarters of
children not checking the security of websites when shopping online, CPP
( is warning parents to keep a close eye on their
children, otherwise they could risk their card details being misused by
internet fraudsters.

The peak of spending is set to increase during the Christmas period as a
quarter of kids say they will or plan to buy presents online, a 10 per cent
increase on kids online Christmas purchases last year potentially putting
even more parents at risk of card fraud.

Sarah Blaney, card fraud expert from CPP ( said:
"Parents need to educate their children about of the very real risks of
shopping online. They need to ensure that their children only put sensitive
information into sites that are encrypted, trusted and secure and teach them
about what signs to look for in a safe site.

"It's clear that online fraud is a serious problem in the UK with
card-not-present fraud accounting for over GBP260 million in 2009 (3). On a
wider level consumers need to be responsible and take preventative steps to
safeguard their sensitive information. In particular, signing up to
MasterCard's SecureCode or Verified by Visa is a useful way of preventing
fraudulent transactions."

The research also found that children are buying a range of items,
including; computer games (51 per cent), books (42 per cent), films (30 per
cent) and phone applications (18 per cent).

Unsupervised access to the internet can lead to other issues in addition
to the risk of fraud. For example, nearly a quarter of children have bought a
video game or film that is for an older age and a handful of children claimed
to have purchased cigarettes (one per cent), alcohol (one per cent) and even
weapons and solvents (one per cent).

CPP ( is working to raise awareness of the dangers
of card fraud. CPP's Card Protection policy insures all credit and debit
cards from fraudulent use if they are lost or stolen.

Notes to editor

(1) - According to ONS data there are 6,778,693 children aged 7-16 years
in the UK. Research shows that 63 per cent of them purchase items online =
4,270,577. The average amount spent by children online is GBP15 per purchase
and they make on average 7 purchases a year. One in seven of these purchases
is made behind their parents back. GBP15 x 4,270,577 = GBP64,058,655

(2) According to ONS data there are 6,778,693 children aged 7-16 years in
the UK. Research shows that 63 per cent of them purchase items online =
4,270,577. Spending on average GBP15 per purchase and making 7 purchases a
year. 4,270,577x 7 x GBP15 = GBP448,410,585

(3) UK Cards Association 2009 results, published March 2010

Research Methodology

Research was carried out online by Opinion Matters among 1030 children
aged 7-16 years old between 10th September and 1st October 2010.

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