Debenhams Reports Nativity Costs Soaring for Competitive Parents

By Debenhams, PRNE
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LONDON, December 9, 2010 - Debenhams has reported that the trend for designer donkeys, Virgin Marys
and Josephs is stronger than ever, with competitive parents splashing out up
to GBP150 to ensure that their youngster is the brightest star in the
nativity play.

Grandma's chequered tea towels
and chintzy tinsel from last year's tree are just not good enough it seems,
as parents shape up their shepherds using the finest of materials. Designer
chinos, shearling throws
( and fine silk
party dresses are instead adorning this year's cast in community centres,
churches and school halls for the annual nativity play.

Debenhams has briefed sales staff and personal shoppers in stores to
encourage parents not to spend hundreds making their child a couture King,
but instead to embrace the season of goodwill and create costumes out of old
sheets for the angels, painted cardboard stuck to headbands for the star and
Dad's old stripey pyjamas (
for the Shepherds.

Michelle Dowdall at Debenhams said: "Our personal shoppers are urging
parents to have a little Christmas spirit, and spend time with their child
making a DIY costume. Despite this, we are still seeing some people fork out
the price of a flight to Bethlehem on making their son or daughter a model

"It's crazy that at a time where the majority of us are watching our
pennies, some parents think there's only room at the inn for designer

"We thought it was odd, and might be a one-off last year, but some
parents are still spending hundreds on their child's nativity outfit. It's
silly and we're trying to help competitive parents see sense and go back to
the traditional tea towel on the head."

Debenhams first noticed the trend, nicknamed "Manger Chic", last
Christmas during the start of nativity play rehearsals. Stores were inundated
with requests for advice on how to create the ultimate Nativity Play

Brand new designer dresses (,
luxury velour striped robes, Egyptian cotton towels and bedding plus lavish
warm fleece coats are just some of the items in demand. The trend to spend
more seems to be worse for the lesser roles, such as the humble sheep and

Michelle Dowdall continued: "Some feel they have to make a big deal of
the costume as their child is playing a minor role. While most parents want
simple advice on how to use craft materials with household items to make a
modest sheep, others seem dead set on the idea that their child's outfit will
outshine the Star of Bethlehem."

Parents are keener than ever to instill a sense of ambition in their
children from a very early age.

Miss Dowdall added: "The demand for places at good schools and
universities seems more on the agenda now than ever before. Parents have even
commented to store staff that they feel they have to encourage their children
to be the best from a very young age.

"It may be a reaction to the change of government and recent recession.
Parents are more anxious about their children's futures now than ever before.

"Our personal shoppers are of course on hand to give parents advice if
they are unsure about how to create their child's nativity character without
breaking the bank."

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