Chinese Army Established the First Chest Pain Rescue Network in China by Using IVT mHealth System

By Guangzhou General Hospital Of Pla, PRNE
Friday, March 25, 2011

The First Chinese Regional Military and Civilian Coordinated Chest Pain Rescue Network Using mHealth System is in Full Operation

GUANGZHOU, China, March 27, 2011 - Guangzhou General Hospital of Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) made a
landmark announcement that the first Chinese regional military and civilian
coordinated Chest Pain Rescue Network using IVT mobile health (mHealth)
system is now in full operation. This network consists of a Chest Pain Rescue
Center and a Remote Electrocardiograph (ECG) Diagnostic Center run by
Guangzhou General Hospital of PLA, Guangzhou Civilian Emergency Center (120),
several regional civilian hospitals and community health service centers in
Guangzhou and its vicinity. The network will gradually enlarge its coverage
to the whole Pearl River Delta in China.

Professor Weiyi Qin, the director of Chest Pain Center, said, "Today, we
historically rewrite the Chinese chest pain rescue clinical pathway; we
dramatically shorten the chest pain pre-hospital rescue time by 30 minutes on
average, achieving 41 minutes of the door to balloon open time (D2B), which
is half of the international standard time (90 minutes); and we invent a new
model of establishing the chest pain rescue network with collaborations
between military and civilian hospitals in China!"

The coordination of the Chest Pain Rescue Network is achieved by using
IVT mHealth system. Vital signs on each site are collected by a 12-leads ECG
monitor, an arm-based blood pressure meter, an oximeter, and a glucose meter,
all wirelessly connected to a medical tablet PC, and transmitted via 3G
network in real time to the on-line Personal E-Health Record in the Chest
Pain Rescue Center, where information is shared by all parties in the Chest
Pain Rescue Network. These medical devices are small and can be hand carried
to any rescue site for military and civilian usage.

Experts in the Chest Pain Rescue Center could provide real time support
to staff on the remote rescue site, and activate a rescue coordination
support system in IVT mHealth system, with just one click to send short
messages to all related parties inside the General Hospital, such as the
radiology department, ultrasound room, clinical laboratory, cardiologic
medicine, cardiac surgery, and emergency department to prepare operations
before a patient's arrival. Even some preparation for operations can be done
in the ambulance on the way back.

Guangzhou General Hospital of PLA Chest Pain Center 24-Hours Hotline:

Guangzhou General Hospital of PLA Chest Pain Center 24-Hours Hotline: +86-20-36654120, or IVT international marketing department: marketing at, +861082898225

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