Statements by Maysoon Al Damluji and Ayad Allawi

By Iraqiya List, PRNE
Thursday, March 25, 2010

BAGHDAD, March 27, 2010 - Statement by Maysoon Al Damluji, spokesperson for the Iraqiya List:

"According to the constitution we will be asked to form a government, and
al-Iraqiah has unanimously decided to put forward Ayad Allawi as candidate
for Prime Minister."

Statement by Ayad Allawi, candidate for Prime Minister:

"We thank the people of Iraq for the confidence they have shown in us and
our vision for Iraq, led by an inclusive, effective and non-sectarian

We extend our hand to all blocs, both those that were successful and
those that weren't to strive to form such a government, one that represents
all Iraqis - those who voted for us, and those who didn't.

We thank Nouri Al-Maliki and all those who served in the previous
government. We hope they will respect the will of the Iraqi people, and we
are sure they will continue to serve Iraq.

We see a new beginning for strengthening relationships with the countries
of the region and the countries of the world, and we see an opportunity to
build exceptional relationships based on mutual respect with our neighbours
Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Long live Iraq. Long live the people of Iraq."

Representative Maysoon Al Damluji, Spokesperson for the Iraqia Bloc, Tel.: +964790145783, or Tel.: +9647902440129, secretary_aliraqia at

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