Corvil Achieves Industry-Leading Scale and Performance With Two New Additions to the CorvilNet Latency Management System

By Corvil, PRNE
Sunday, January 24, 2010

LONDON and NEW YORK, January 25 - Corvil, provider of Latency Management Systems for electronic trading and
market data, today introduced the Latency Management Center (LMC), an
appliance-based management console that provides a unified and centralized
solution for managing enterprise scale deployments; and the CNE-5400
appliance which establishes a new industry performance benchmark for latency
monitoring and analysis.

The Latency Management Center will provide a single access point to
monitor and manage latency in large or geographically dispersed trading
environments. Fully interoperable with all CorvilNet monitoring appliances,
the LMC collects and summarizes statistics for latency, loss, and microbursts
from multiple points to form a single consolidated performance view. The LMC
also enables enterprise-wide central administration of all CorvilNet
appliances including configuration, remote upgrades and software module
management. The LMC can manage hundreds of appliances and tens of thousands
of latency channels. This new product maximises the value of Corvil
appliances already deployed, and lowers the cost of deploying and operating
enterprise scale CorvilNet deployments.

"Our customers are rolling out next generation co-location trading
architectures where latency management at microsecond precision is required
both within co-los and between sites on a global scale," said Corvil Vice
President of Product Management, Donal O'Sullivan. "In this environment,
message rates are in the many millions per second and deployments can have
tens to hundreds of Gb/s of bandwidth interconnecting the co-location sites.
The 5400 is a direct response to the constantly increasing data volume, and
the LMC will greatly aid the roll-out and management of these large and
geographically dispersed deployments."

The LMC's centralized views allow users to quickly correlate service
level violations with the underlying root cause even when the cause and
effect are geographically separated - e.g. the LMC may detect delayed trades
from one CorvilNet appliance and highlight that this was caused by microburst
saturation of exchange connections detected by a different CorvilNet
appliance. An intuitive graphical summary provides access to all service
level violations over LAN and WAN trading infrastructure, with click-through
root cause analysis based on CorvilNet's Smart Packet Capture functionality.

Also with this release Corvil introduced a new top of the range
appliance, the CNE-5400, for use in very high-performance 10 Gb/s
environments. With 4 x 10Gb/s monitoring ports and 16TB of internal disk
capture capacity, the 3U form factor CNE-5400 achieves a new industry
benchmark of five million packets per second processing performance at an
analysis granularity of one microsecond. This record performance and
precision is in part enabled by the use of a highly optimized multi-core
software and hardware architecture. The CNE-5400 employs eight Intel Nehalem
CPU cores with dedicated nanosecond hardware time-stamping.

The introduction of the Latency Management Center and the CNE-5400
appliance represents a significant extension of the CorvilNet architecture in
terms of both scale and breadth. Combining high-speed, distributed monitoring
and capture capabilities with a single point-of-access to all performance
results, CorvilNet is the first Latency Management Solution to provide
consolidated latency management for enterprise scale trading infrastructures.

About Corvil

Corvil, leader in electronic trading and market data latency management,
was founded in 2000 and operates from New York, London and Dublin. The
company's global client base spans exchanges; high frequency traders;
investment banks and market service providers. Recognized as a technology
innovator in latency management, Corvil's products offer a complete solution
for enhancing electronic trading, execution and market data delivery
including SLA (service level agreement) compliance, performance monitoring,
event troubleshooting and infrastructure optimization. For more information
on Corvil, please visit

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